Smart Cities New York Partners with One Globe Forum

New Delhi, December 21, 2017: Smart Cities New York, North America's leading global conference on Smart City innovation and infrastructure, partners with Salwan Media Ventures for the seventh edition of One Globe Forum, to be held on February 9 and 10, 2018, in New Delhi, India.

Smart CitiesNew York, scheduled for May 2018, is an annual gathering of thought leaders, toexplore various challenges and opportunities facing the world’s cities today.The forum encourages problem solvers to engage with urban citizens todevelop the best solutions for global cities. Similarly, the One Globe Forum has been India’s leading conference for focus groupsof thought leaders, academicians, educators, entrepreneurs, policy makers,influencers, businessmen, government and corporate leaders to discuss,debate and deliberate on development of smart cities and building a 21st Centuryknowledge economy. 

“Both OneGlobe Forum and Smart Cities New York share a common objective: We have alwaysbelieved that cities are the best place to improve the quality of life ofcitizens, whether it’s cleaner air, less congestion, or better security. Havingserved as a Vice Chair and speaker at the One Globe Forum for many years, Ihave seen how innovators and government leaders have spurred cities across thecountry to use technology to build smarter cities, not only inIndia butacross South Asia. By joining Smart Cities New York with One Globe Forum, wewill reach a wider audience and achieve our common goal.” said Jerry Hultin, Chairman, Smart CitiesNew York. 

The eventcomes at a time when dense smog blankets most of North India, so finding newsolutions for India’s cities is urgent. One Globe Forum, in partnershipwith Smart Cities New York, will convene experts and leaders to develop newsolutions with a focus on life in the 21st century. 

HarjivSingh, Convener, One Globe Forum and Founder and CEO of Salwan Media Ventures, says:

India isseeing massive urbanization with over 600 million people expected tobe living in India’s cities by 2030. This urban migration is creating newchallenges, which need to be addressed urgently. Only then will India be ableto compete for talent and produce sustainable economic growth in the globalmarketplace. For all these reasons, we are delighted to partner with SmartCities New York in the seventh edition of the One Globe Forum to combine thevitality of New York City with the innovative and entrepreneurial talent ofIndia. The result will be new ideas and solutions that will help India addressthese challenges.” 

‘Smartcities’ has been a major topic of discussion at One Globe Forum for the pastseven years and has helped the Government of India develop the urban strategiesthat are transforming India’s 100 smart cities. The previous speakers at theOne Globe Forum have included Shalabh Kumar, Founder, RepublicanHindu Coalition; Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways andCoal; H.E. Daniel Carmon, Israel’s Ambassadorto India; Shri P.P Choudhary, Union Minister of State, Ministry ofLaw & Justice and Corporate Affairs; Shri Rao InderjitSingh, Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilizers; ManishTewari, Former Minister of State, Information & Broadcasting,Government of India; Salman Khurshid, Former Cabinet Minister ofExternal Affairs; Kapil Sibal, Former Human ResourceDevelopment Minister of India; 

Dr. BibekDebroy, FulltimeMember, NITI Aayog, and ChairmanPrimeMinister’s Economic Advisory Council; Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Indianpolitician and former diplomat, currently serving as Member of Parliament and; Mr.Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog, among others.

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