Socially conscious corporate celebrations

Hyderabad, August 4, 2018. While it is far from universal, more and more people understand that we need to sustainably manage our planet’s resources and ecosystems. This awareness has been resulting in more people and corporate citizen get in to environmental related social service. Forty SIP Academy Staff members coordinated with GHMC to plant 100 saplings on the busy Road No. 2 on Banjara Hlls, infront of ASCI office on Saturday early morning.

Most of them women and teaching staff of the Academy  have done tree plantation to celebrate 15th Anniversary of the academy. SIP Academy  runs 5 different kinds of skill development programmes in 23 states over 300 cities for children.   

We are also taking SIP Children’s awareness walk  tomorrow on Sunday from Sanjeevaiah park to Jalwaihar to create awareness on our important Indian trees Neem, Amla and Mango. Nearly 300 children are expected to participate in the same, informed Uma Swaminathan, State Head of SIP Academy. 

The emphasis is on 3 types of trees –.

NEEM - protects our environment in flood control, reduced soil erosion and less salination.

AMLA – a tropical tree with great medicinal properties

MANGO - trees help to filter water, combat salinity, clean the air and increase flows into water catchments. They also provide food and shelter not only to humans but also to wildlife.

This awareness walk also will be held across 23 states simultaneous to mark and celebrate SIP Academy’s 15th Anniversary.  Nearly 3000 kids are expected to participate in the same.   On completion of the rally, 3 SIP children will talk about the benefits of NEEM, AMLA & MANGO trees and all the children will plant these tree saplings in their homes. We expect over one lac people, children, teachers and franchise partners to plant one tree each over the 15th Anniversary year of 2018 between August this year and July next year. SIP Academy India’s children will be planting almost 2 lac saplings , by the end of the year informed Uma Swaminathan, State Head of SIP Academy.

SIP Academy has been nurturing intelligence in kids for the past 15years and now nurturing social service in them for common good, added Uma

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