Societe Generale Gears Up For Catalyst 2.0

Bangalore, April 28, 2017 : Catalyst, an accelerator program that was created by Societe Generale in 2016 to promote open innovation, is launching its second edition this year. Online application for Catalyst 2.0, is now open at to all startups in India until 10th May 2017.

SocieteGenerale Global Solution Centre (SG GSC), an innovation hub of the SocieteGenerale Group, will run Catalyst 2.0 from May to August 2017. During the10-week accelerator program, the selected startups would get to work on tentheme-based business challenges with guidance, coaching and mentoring from SG GSC'sexperienced subject matter experts. With the enriched interaction, anaccompanied remuneration and a working space within SG GSC premises, it’s anapt platform to test, iterate and scale the product or solution with a realscenario. The ten theme-based business challenges include: 

1) Paymente-Wallet


3)Predictive Analytics

4) DigitalOn-boarding/KYC

5) HR Tech

6)Contextual Web Search, Data Discovery and Visualization

7) Data fromPaper as a Service / Data Capture and Digitization

8) AutomatedData Cleaning/Curation

9) SmartEmail Assistant

10) Tech forGood – A Greener Planet: Carpooling 

Catalyst wasfirst launched last year in partnership with the Indian IT industry bodyNASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies). During theprogram, experts from SG GSC guided entrepreneurs from 10 startups to createsolutions addressing 16 business challenges on different themes. The programsuccessfully generated new ideas and converted them to formal commercialengagements. 

A number ofinitiatives including the development of Minimum Viable Products on themes suchas Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, TextAnalytics, Predictive

Analytics and Chatbots were created. 

SG GSC hostsa number of learning expeditions regularly for business leaders which haveplayed an important role in showcasing the rich Indian startup ecosystem. Inaddition, there has been extensive

outreach topeer innovators in the industry by way of hackathons, meetups, expert talks andinnovation challenges hosted by SG GSC.

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