‘Sound Garden’ opens to the public on 29th July

Bangalore, July 24th 2017: Get set to experience music like never before! Indian Music Experience, supported by the Brigade Group, presents ‘Sound Garden’ , a series of installations of musical instruments like wind chimes, tubular bells, gongs, reeds, etc. The ‘Sound Garden’ will be thrown open to the public on Saturday, 29thJuly at The Centre for Indian Music Experience (IME), Brigade Millennium, J.P.Nagar 7th Phase at 11AM.

The ‘SoundGarden’,  a series of art installations made of wood, steel and metal areall ‘playable’ and it’s meant to introduce visitors to the philosophy of sound.The ‘Sound Garden’ has been co-created by SVARAM Musical Instruments andResearch in Auroville, Pondicherry and Foley Designs of Bangalore. 

As a part ofthe opening ceremony, there will be a Micro market featuringhandicrafts, apparel, home décor and food stalls. The micro market consists of15 stalls that will showcase book lamps, organic clothing & food, handmadesoaps, terracotta jewellery,  music themed home décor products andpaintings. That’s not all! While you enjoy the micro market, visitors canalso enjoy performances by well known musicians and folkartists. There will be band performance by saMcara – an alternative lyricalband, folk dances by Bhramari Dance Repertory led by Sneha Kappanna,contemporary dance by Aayana Dance Company, Kamsale by Lingaiah and performanceon handpans by Muki Sablania. 

The ‘SoundGarden’ comprises instruments like Sound Table – a xylophone-like sculpturewith wood, stone, brass and aluminium plates. Flower gong – metal platessuspended from stone ‘petals’ .Reed railings – metal railings made ofalternating reeds and mallets that produce a tune. Tubular bells – asemi-circular arrangement of bells that produces the notes of the octave.Singing stones – polished granite stones with grooves that vibrate whenmassaged with wet hands. Storm drum – a large suspended steel drum with aspring coil, that produces sounds of a storm. Electric chime – Wind chimeswhere electro mechanics plays the role of the wind. Humming stone – a stonewith cavities where the visitor can experience vibrations . Spinner chime – arotating array of tubes that creates a vortex of sound.

The ‘SoundGarden’ will be inaugurated by Sri Ananth Kumar, Honourable Union Minister forParliamentary Affairs, Chemical and Fertilizers, Government of India.  

What: ‘Sound Garden’ a Musical museum &Micro market along with performances by artists 

Where: The Centre for Indian MusicExperience (IME), Brigade Millennium,  J.P.Nagar 7th Phase, Bangalore 

When: Saturday, 29th July2017 

Time: 11AM Onwards 

Entry: Free 

Contact: 96866 02366 or info@indianmusicexperience.org

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