South India’s biggest Goushala, Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gau Nivas organised Annakut Celebrations

Hyderabad, 5November 2017: South India’s biggest Goushala (cow shelter), Satyam Shivam Sundaram Gau Nivas located in 3-acres of land and home to about 5300 cows rescued from slaughter houses held a Grand Annakut Celebration ‘Annakut-Prasad’ here at its premises at Peddammagadda, Gaganpahad on Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, founder of Satyam Shivam SundaramGoshala, the 77years old Dharamraj Ranka  sadi “Let us return thecow to its rightful place, culturally, religiously and economically, he said.   InIndia, the cow represents the sacred principle of motherhood.  Shesymbolizes charity and generosity because of the way she distributes her milk,which is essential for the nourishment of the young.  Like many societies in the world, we,  consider Cows to be “wealth”.  Whetherits measured in stones (jades, diamonds), metals (gold, silver, bronze), skins/ furs, feathers (quetzal feathers in South America), shells, silks, weapons oranimals (elephants, cows), wealth is wealth.  Cows are a measure of wealthas they provide, he said. 

Ten thousand people graced the celebrations. The crowd wasso much the traffic got jammed almost well over two hours at theGaganphand.  Asha Vaishnavi, a Bhajan Singer from Ahmedabadenthralled the audience with the choicest bhajans.   

Giving details Mr. Dharam Raj Ranka of Satyam ShivamSundaram Gau Nivas said that the Annakut festival is celebrated at thebeginning of each New Year, lots of variety of food items prepared with loveand devotion are offered to God. Five thousand devotees are expected toparticipate in the celebrations. He urged people to come and take darshan ofthe Go Mata and have prasad on the occasion. 

In a press release issued in the city on this occasion, Mr.Dharam Raj Ranka said that although the literal meaning of ‘Annakut’ is"mountain of food", it symbolises an offering of food to God and thelove and devotion that has gone into preparing it. As part of the Diwalicelebrations Hindus around the world cook a variety of different vegetarianitems of food, snacks, sweets, pickles and delicacies as offerings to God.Traditionally Annakut symbolised devotion through offering the first harvestand distributing this to all. 

South India’s biggest and India’s best maintained ‘GouShala’ Satyam Shivam Sundaram (SSS) Gau Nivas gives a new meaning to theconcept of cow protection. Where cows who just escaped from the jaws of theirdeath, get a decent life and royal treatment. It has been established by ShriDharam Raj Ranka, a 77 years old man with a mission to protect India’s mostrevered animal ‘Cow’. Mr. Ranka has fully dedicated his life for the cause ofCow Protection. He is the pioneer of Gou Shala Concept in twin cities and hasbeen instrumental in setting up several Gou Shalas. Earlier he spearheaded themovement against slaughter houses such as Al-Kabeer. 

Employing about 100 workers, about 25 tonnes of Kutti and 70tonnes of green grass a day is fed to the animals sheltered at the SSS GauNivas. The monthly fodder bill along runs into few lakhs, which is beingcontributed by philanthropists. To take care of these 5300 animals’ health, fewveterinary doctors and a hospital is housed at the cow shelter. No cow ismilked, nor any business is done with their milk. The total milk is left to thebabies of the cow, thus maintaining ZERO infant mortality rates.

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