Spark Minda at YMC, Japan Global Supplier Conference

2nd May 2018, New Delhi: Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group participated in “Technology Exchange Meeting” at Yamaha Motors Co. (YMC) Japan during 'Global Supplier’s Conference 2018’ that was held at Shizuoka, Japan on 25th & 26th April, 2018. As part of initiative, Spark Minda was invited to showcased and demonstrate latest technological products and unique capabilities during the Technical Exchange Meeting. The event provided an opportunity to demonstrate relevant and innovative products, tools and capabilities to Yamaha’s employees and leadership. It will also open up avenues for future partnerships. A total of 21 Suppliers participated in the Technology Exchange Meeting. Some of the Indian companies who participated were Minda Industries Limited, Fiem, Gabriel, Advik, Endurance, Shriram Pistons, Emitec, Sansera Engineering etc.

There was ahigh interest from all participants and visitors during this event. Thehighlight of the event was the visit of Inoue San, Matsuda San, OlivierPrevost San, Yoshimi San, Fujio San, Shin Yokomizo San, our esteemedcustomers from Yamaha Motors Co., Japan. During this two day conference, ourGroup had the opportunity not only in terms of brand visibility, but also toconnect to various audiences on specific subjects in the field of ‘Innovations& Advance Technology'. It gave an excellent platform to our organization toshowcase and demonstrate our products and processes which mutually benefits andbrings in knowledge sharing, technology transfer and product familiarizationamongst Yamaha Engineers. 

From SparkMinda, Ashok Minda Group, the Business Group Companies that participated andshowcased products at stall were Minda Corporation Ltd - Security SystemsDivision, Minda Stoneridge Instruments Ltd, Minda SAI Ltd along with ComponentDivision, and Spark Minda Technical Centre (SMIT), EI Labs. On Displaywere products on the following three themes: Solutions for ElectricVehicles, New Technology Products, Environment Protection. ManyEngineers from YMC took great interest in understanding our New TechnologyInitiatives especially - Smart Key on Bluetooth communication, ESCL withelectronically operated Seat Open & Side Cover Open, Connected Mobility& TFT Based Speedometer. Our Group was represented by Mr SudhirKashyap, Mr. Sanjiv Saxena, Mr. Suresh D, Mr Rajesh Kumar, Mr Amit Goyal, MrSumeet Verma, Mr. Hemant, Mr Sudhir Khurana, Mr Sajjan Kumarbesides Suganuma San. The stall set up was organized by GroupCommunication, Group Marketing department along with the support of MMSL Japanoffice, MSL, MSIL, MCL SSD, SMIT & EI Labs besides MCL SSD Pune Logisticsteam. A special appreciation for the entire Spark Minda team who did awonderful job in setting up the stall & also kept all the visitors engaged,doing demonstrations relentlessly. A great effort put in by each one of them.

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