Bangalore, 10 November 2017: With digital services experiencing stronger growth than traditional IT services, there is an increasing demand for digitally skilled talent. By 2025, digital services is expected to grow from the current 14% to 38% of the total on IT services spends. In an effort to assist corporates leverage the exponential growth in the market, SpringPeople, a global corporate training provider, today announced the strengthening of its corporate training portfolio. The expansion will add six new focus domains to its wide array of training programs, with more than 50 courses introduced in the domains of User Experience, Machine Learning & AI, Microservices, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud & DevOps and Big Data & Analytics.

Talkingabout the new courses, Mr. Ravi Kaklasaria, CEO, SpringPeople,said, “Digital technology can give the much needed fillip to not only the IT-ITes industry but also to the entire economy. However, enterprises are not ableto take advantage of the opportunities owing to lack of skilled talent. As wehead towards a Digital India, the industry requires more than 50 percentworkforce equipped with digital skills. The expansion of our portfolio is aimedat bridging this demand supply gap and help corporates strengthen theirtechnological prowess.”

The newfocus domains have been chosen based on the enterprise demand for thesetraining as the industry moves away from traditional IT technologies like Javaand Selenium to modern cloud based applications & frameworks that offerscalability and inter-operability.

·  UserExperience – Certified by UX alliance, UX-PM training programs are anindustry first in equipping Project Managers/Product Managers adopt the UXapproach in managing digital projects.

·  MachineLearning & AI – Courses to help unleash the power of intelligentcomputing across technologies including Google Tensorflow, Apache Mahout,Python, R, Azure ML workbench and AWS Machine Learning API.

·  Micro-services -Courses in frameworks like Lightbend, Akka, Anypoint to equip developers create​API​ - driven enterprise applications that can scale and connect with othertools and applications.

·  Cloud& DevOps - Powering the enterprise migration to the cloud withcourses on Dockers, Jenkins, Azure, AWS, Open Stack, Chef and Puppet.

·  RoboticProcess Automation - Frameworks to automate business processes - BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath.

·  BigData & Analytics – all technologies and tools to handle data -Hadoop, Hortonworks, Cloudera, R, Python, Spark, Scala, MongoDb, Cassandra,SAS, Tableau, Clickview, Elastic, etc. 

With theemphasis on hands-on training, Spring People courses combine interactiveinstructor sessions combined with projects and assignments that learnerspractice through Cloud L​abs that can be accessed from anywhere.Instructors provide personalised feedback, tailor courses and provide expertsupport to ensure that learners are equipped with capabilities that help theirteam/organizations meet their business objectives. The courses are hosted on anLMS that includes learner process automation for effective end to endtraining management. 

The newcourses will help professionals and enterprises take advantage of the growingopportunities in the digital technology arena including government initiativeslike Digital India. In fact, Artificial intelligence (AI) alone will create 2.3million jobs globally by 2020.

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