Spykar launches YnR range – a specially curated denim line inspired by global trends

Spykar, India’s leading fashion jeans-wear and accessories brand launches the YnR range – a specially curated denim line inspired by global trends. This trendy range is a celebration of individualistic styles with their subtle nuances. The Y&R denim comes in smart fits, endearing washes and are accessorised with coloured Loop, metal detailing . The collection embodies global inspirations that can match the insatiable search for best in world class style.

Designed forthe Young & restless generation, the YnR denims recreatethe stories of travel, exploration and timeless journeys. Spykar believes -there is no boundary when it comes to young minds, their journeys are evolvingand it’s unstoppable to experience, learn and self-discover them on a neverending road trip. They follow their heart and trail their passions toaccomplish their dreams in the most inspiring way.

The perfectdenims for all your summer needs: looks great with checks, stripes, pastels andflorals. Check out the YnR denim collection, for the young & restless you!

Keeping upwith the ever-changing dynamics of casual clothing around the globe has alwaysbeen at the core of the brand. Backed by a 25-year legacy and plus, Spykarcertainly defines the rules of the fashion arena. From unveiling the latesttrends to bringing back the classic styles, Spykar has always been the youth’sgo-to fashion brand. Spykar continues to raise a notch above the rest with theeffortless fashion that leads the trends.

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