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Bangalore September 6, 2018: SQC has had a proven long-term success with leading the cause of adoption of better engineering and management practices, leading to consistent delivery and service excellence. This has been through our 18-year success in partnering with leading institutions such as the CMMI Institute, Project Management Institute, BD-Institute International and the like., and the licensed use of their technologies and products/services.

While most businesses care about Quality and consistency, few realize that without a robust pre-sale, business development and sales capability., consistent growth is just a distant dream.

Today’s contemporary scenario has seen a lot of advancements in this area., most notable being the standards and models focused solely on using BD and Proposal best practices. 

The premise is that application of best practice during contract delivery can have limited success when solutions are fundamentally flawed during project conceptualization. 

Our message is that models like the BD-CMM applies best practices for pre-contract solution development that are fully aligned with leading industry standard such as the CMMI® and address both contractor and customer risk. The benefit is that integration between BD-CMM and CMMI creates a unified strategy for managing success from end to end of business life cycles. 

SQC and the BD Institute international have partnered since 2007 as the SQC is the exclusive licensee in India., authorized to offer licensed training, consulting, evaluation and benchmarking services on how good organizations’ business development practices are., and to work with them to lead a structured program to improve best practices in this area. 

“SQC now is working on providing these services to clients in India that are keen on transitioning to CMMI V2.0, the latest version of the CMMI model. The BD-CMM V2.02 has always been much alike some of the architecture of the new CMMI V2.0 since many years. It hence has a natural adaptability to any company using CMMI” – Kris Puthucode, CEO.

The adoption of such best practices has led to sustained and dramatic increase in Win rates and Capture Ratio, for most organizations we have worked with. SQC also recently presented on this topic in the last two Capability Counts conferences in 2017 and 2018 in the USA., the world’s leading conference on process improvement and capability growth. Copies of our presentations are on:

If you’d like acopy of the presentation, please click here.(2017)

Click here for a copy of the 2018 presentation(Predicting Capability Improvement ROIs through benchmarking)

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