SQC heralds the new CMMI V2.0 Quality model in India

Bangalore, June 23, 2018: Software Quality Center (SQC) is proud to announce the release of the CMMI V2.0 model., which has long been the most sought after “Gold Standard” in Quality benchmark ratings for Software and service organizations. SQC has been a pioneer since late 1990s in India to help Indian companies to improve using the best practices proven and tested globally, and thereby facilitate competitiveness.

SQCworks with select Aerospace, Defense, Embedded Systems, Medical devices andsimilar domains, as the leading Quality benchmarking organization. “Some of the best talent inIndia resides in Aerospace, Defense, Medical devices and high-tech- and this isthe Industry we have solely focused on since our inception in India as well asglobally headquartered in the US.” said Krish Puthucode, CEO of SQC. SQC continued its strong presence and operations in India.,based in Bangalore serving some top of the line clients in the select high techindustry of our choice. 

TheCMMI V2.0 is a major update with a completely re-branded, re designed new modelthat is more modern, agile and seeks to replace the earlier v1.3 with state ofthe art best practices that aims at ease of use, adoption and high reliabilityof these quality ratings. This also comes at a time when the CMMI quality modelis being upgraded with the announcement of the new CMMI V2.0, a completelyre-branded, re designed new model that is more modern, agile and seeks toreplace the earlier v1.3 with state of the art best practices that aims at easeof use, adoption and high reliability of these quality ratings. 

Thisalso comes at the same time as SQC completing a coveted 15 years as a Partnerwith the CMMI Institute., certified to deliver CMMI related training andappraisals worldwide. “This is a proud moment for us. As it recognizes the hardwork and effort to succeed in a market like India. in an industry like ourswhich is niche and everyone here seeks to only talk about the big names in IT.In the US. where we are headquartered., SQC works with the US Department ofDefense and many Aerospace companies to help them elevate performance and buildcapability by using best practices that are proven and tested”. noted Kris. 

Headquarteredin Glendale, Arizona, SQC is one of the US’s leading consultancies andindependent quality benchmarking organizations specializing in Aerospace,Defense and Medical device organizations.

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