SQC records completion of 15 years as a preferred partner for CMMI Quality benchmarks

Bangalore, June 12, 2018: Software Quality Center (SQC) is proud to announce the completion of a glorious 15 years in bringing CMMI, the ‘Gold Standard’ in Quality benchmark to high end Indian Aerospace, Defense and select hi-tech organizations. This has helped Indian industry since the late 1990s to elevate performance and build capability to be globally competitive and also pitch for high value contracts with their customers all over the world.

SQC has been a pioneer since late 1990s in India to help Indiancompanies to improve using the best practices proven and tested globally, andthereby facilitate competitiveness. 

"While everyone wants to credit just the big companies herelike Infosys, Wipro and their peers, for pretty much everything, some of thebest talent in India resides in Aerospace, Defense, Medical devices andhigh-tech- and this is the Industry we have solely focused on since ourinception in India as well as globally headquartered in the US," saidKrish Puthucode, CEO of SQC.

SQC continued its strong presence and operations in India. Basedin Bangalore serving some top of the line clients in the select high techindustry of our choice. 

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