Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Sister Bhanumathi Narsimhan Reveals Untold Stories of Gurudev

National, 12 January, 2018: The first-ever official biography of the revered spiritual leader and founder of The Art of Living Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was launched today at an impressive event graced by renowned personalities like Justice Venkatachaliah, Ms. Rekha Hebbar, and Mr. Mohandas Pai. Titled 'Gurudev: On The Plateau Of The Peak, The Life of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar' is written by his own sister Bhanumathi Narasimhan.

The launchevent was attended by thousands of people from around the world and featured asatsang and meditation led by Gurudev.  

BhanumathiNarasimhan has been the closest witness to her brother, Gurudev Sri Sri RaviShankar’s extraordinary life. Her latest offering is already an Amazonbestseller based on pre-orders. The book promises to be a treat for those whoare curious about the relatively unknown years of Gurudev and sheds light onhis life from his childhood to growing-up years, when he was an unassuming boy,to a teenager in the company of saints, from a young meditation teacher to arevered spiritual Master. It’s about a life that has brought about a profoundand holistic shift  in every sphere of human endeavour— from art toarchitecture, health care to rehabilitation, inner peace to outerdynamism.  

Talkingabout her association with Gurudev, Bhanu Didi, as she is lovingly called, saysshe has always followed him, first unknowingly as a child and later withknowledge. "His words and his steps have always guided me,” she says. 

Speaking atthe launch of the biography, Bhanumathi, who is also the Chairperson of theInternational Women’s Conference,  said, “India is the land wherereverence for the Master is innate. Wanting to know the stories oftransformation around a Master is almost natural in our people and thisenthusiasm inspired me to pen down these precious memories so that I couldshare them with everybody." 

Apart fromauthoring this book and being the younger sister of Gurudev, BhanumathiNarasimhan also leads several empowerment projects, including the Art ofLiving’s school project under which 58904 students get free education in 444schools in the remotest regions of the country. She also travels across theworld teaching meditation to thousands of people from all faiths andnationalities.  

Gurudev: OnThe Plateau Of The Peak- The Life Of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is published byWestland (an Amazon company). “A beautifully written biography of the mostcelebrated spiritual leader of our times, this book seamlessly weavesheart-warming stories from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s childhood andgrowing-up years. His philosophy on God, love and existence along with hissustained peacekeeping endeavours and efforts towards women empowerment andinter-faith harmony, have been beautifully articulated by someone who has seenit all from very close quarters. We are delighted to have the opportunity topartner with the Art of Living to publish this book,” says Debasri Rakshit, managing editor for mind-body-spirit books at Westland. 

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