STEER strengthens Design & Engineering capabilities to drive innovations & new technology

BENGALURU, January 17, 2017: STEER, creator of advanced platform technologies that effectively transform and functionalise materials in the fields of plastics, pharmaceuticals, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials and biorefining, today announced expansion of its Design & Engineering capabilities to drive innovations and technology for Plastics compounding. With this, the combined strength of the design and engineering professionals at STEER has risen to 30.

The newly-created Advance Design andEngineering (AD&E) team will steer innovation and create newmachine concepts, component technology, prototypes and undertaketesting-validation with cost-effectiveness and customer value proposition atthe core. Once the new technology or innovation is cleared, the AD&E willhand over the machine commercialisation engineering to the OperationalDesign and Engineering (OD&E) team. Specialised engineers, Designand AutoCAD professionals, and Mechanical engineers will work in acollaborative framework to transform the innovation into a successful product /technology.

Commenting on expanding the Design and Engineeringcapabilities, Mr. Atanu Maity, President and CEO, STEER Engineering,said, “STEER has pioneered the technology for materials transformationin plastics and continues to remain the sector’s torch-bearer. With thefractional lobed invention, we transformed the co-rotating twin-screw extruderinto a 21st century Intelligent Compounding processor. We understand thetechnological challenges faced by our customers in machine maintenance andensuring operational efficiency. We continue to innovate and develop newtechnologies and designs that add value to our customers’ businesses tomaintain growth.”

STEER is enabling next-gen applications, and theindustry has realized the importance of the fractional lobed technology inprocessing shear-sensitive materials. Consequently, it is imperative tostrengthen and expand the Design and Engineering function at STEER. Thecarefully-selected members of the Design team will play a pivotal role inbringing new technology to the market from the customer-centric perspective.

Innovation has been at the core of our business. Weforesee the need for transformational change in technology that can elevate thesector we serve. We are also aware of the fact that technology development iscreative, and requires a systematic and dedicated approach to guide theprocesses. Our aim is to achieve a bigger paradigm shift in materialstransformation through continuous innovations and technological breakthroughs,” Mr.Maity added.

The AD&E team will cater to the needs of the marketand customers arising out of the company’s initiatives, such as the patentedFractional Lobed Processor, B2C machines, Next Gen OM20/30, and multidisciplinemachine concept. The ADE The team will continue to participate in Pre-OrderInquiry stage to Post-Order Release to managing Product Lifecycle focusing oncustomer needs, PDR (Performance, Reliability and Durability), andmanufacturability.

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