STEPS - A brand new initiative that is sure to revolutionize the way students learn

In the last few years, there have been many exciting developments in the field of education. Increasingly, parents, teachers and educational institutions are coming together to explore new ways of helping children succeed. STEPSis the latest and most innovative initiative that promises to revolutionize the learning landscape of the country.

Karnataka this year.Pan-India thenext.

STEPS is envisioned as anall-India test, beginning with Karnataka this year.The test will beadministered in two phases. In Phase 1, a whopping one lakh students from Class9, 10, 11 and 12 or I and II PU are expected to participate in the FREE MockAptitude Test. In the second phase, an estimated 20,000 students will appearfor the finals in multiple test centres all over the state. Scheduled on 10thSeptember where an estimated of about 20,000 students will be administeredSTEPS. There has been an overwhelming response to the initiative with forward-lookingprincipals of schools and colleges coming forward to support STEPSwholeheartedly.

The test will evaluatestudents on the academic curriculum as well as the study material provided uponregistration.

A host of exciting benefits forstudents!

Registeringand appearing for STEPS unlocks a world of opportunities for aspiring students.

·      Knowledge

Students get an opportunity to not just evaluate what they have learnt so far,but also acquire new learnings and new skills for the next step of growth

Cash RewardsSTEPS Toppers can get cash rewards of up to Rs.25,00,000/- at different levelsand in different categories

RecognitionRanking, certificates and felicitation will all ensure that students getrecognized and stay motivated

ScholarshipsStudents canwin up to 100% Scholarships for the stream of their choice: arts, science orcommerce

Psychometric TestWhen theyregister for STEPS, students get access to Psychometric Test and DMITAssessment. This will help them understand their inherent strengths andaptitude and choose the career best suited to them


Studentswill get personal one-on-one counseling and guidance from the experts to helpthem make informed decisions about their career. 

Thinking big…

Sripal Jain, Founder of Career Utsav, points out that STEPS - likeCareer Utsav before it - is all set to become the go-to event for studentsaspiring to grow professionally, upgrade their academic strengths and preparefor the future with new assessment patterns.“We are looking at making this testas sought-after as some of the most prestigious aptitude-based exams in thecountry today,” said Jain.

The advisory board ofSTEPS comprises eminent educationists, academicians, career counselors, skilldevelopment experts and entrepreneurs. The life-changing vision of STEPS hasbeen embraced by top universities and institutions like Jain University,Manipal University, Allen Career Institute, Silica, ACCA, Stratagem FinancialSchool, and Trisha Classes, who have come forward toextend their support towards creating a brighter future for students.

Even as STEPS invitesschools and colleges to encourage their students to make the most of the manyexciting benefits in store for them, it also welcomes universities and coachinginstitutes to partner with, and extend scholarships to deserving students forvarious courses.

More details are available on the website:

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