Student Start-Ups are new and emerging trend now in the city “Studentpreneurs”

Hyderabad, March 27, 2019. Education is not just about academics. It has to be wholesome experience. The education has to be more diverse.

Entrepreneurship teaches students what academics fail to teach. Entrepreneurship education is becoming more prominent now a days with more school going students taking time out for extra-curricular activities and taking on additional mentorship, classes in order to learn lesions how to be successful not only just in careers, but also in profession or business.   

StudentPreneurs stole the limelight at just conclude Pretx, a youth lifestyle expo held at Taj Deccan. 

There were quite a good number of student entrepreneurs from Oakridge Intl School displayed their products.   The third of Pretx  showcased lifestyle products from 50 exhibitors. 48 out of 50 exhibitors were women.  And four exhibitors were “Studentpreneurs” from Oakridgle International School. These student entrepeneurs include: Raveena’s World, Sneha Jain, Scented Summer Spray of Amulya Adusmilli & Niharika Bodla; Persia’s Jewellery Empire by Arissa Sur. 

We just explored how these students got into entrepreneurship, how did they begin their journey, where did they get inspiration from, how do they balance their academics and entrepreneurship etc.  The revelations are mindblowing.

They were most just 5th and 6th standard students mostly around ten years. But if you see their independent thinking, there is no doubt we can see future Facebooks, Amazons, Googles, Twitters and what not.  These giant companies once upon a time were just owner driven ones like I started. Once MSMEs(Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) have not become MNCs says Sneha Jalan. 

Nike, American Express, Samsung, Marlboro, Louis Vuitton, Cisco, Gillette, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Disney, Nokia, McDonald, General Electric, Coca-Cola all these world’s top brands were started by ordinary people, but of course with extraordinary determination.  They all started with nothing sahred Raveena. 

Student Startups are new and emerging trends now.  Many schools are encouraging student Startups. So we want to give them a platform. We have offered them free space  in Pretx to showcase their products, gain experience and test waters for their products.  Nearly ten student start-ups have showcased their unique products at Pretx. I can’t say they have produced earthshattering products. But, they brought out products as per their age and experience. They developed products on their own with an independt thinking. This is sufficient for them to go places, says Kamini Sharaf, a lady entrepreneurs, fashion designer and a force behind Kamini’s Fashion Yathra and Pretex. 

I read about Yes Bank initiative to encourage student entrepreneurship. They have got about 24000 responses.  This says all about the interest of the kids in entrepreneurship, adds Radhika Jalan, mother of Sneha Jalan, a kid entrepreneur. 

With so much startup buzz all around, how can schools stay away. They are also encouraging and offering academic courses in entrepreneurship, startup workshops and summer programmes for students seeking to start their own companies, informs D. Kalpana, a mother of two children.  If I remember rightly, Meridian, DRS and many such schools are encouraging students in starting their own startup.  I think Telangana Government must start an incubator especially targeting student start-ups.  A Makerspace event was conducted involved many school students in the recent past in the city, she elaborated.  Innovation, out of the box thinking have become new buzz words now, says Kalpana.

My mom is an artist. I got inspired by her.  I made a cousin of mine courier pebbles from River Ganges. I have hand painted each of these 100 pebbles.  It took two hours to paint each of these pebbles, which can be used as decorative items, paper weights and what not. I sell them from Rs 100/- to 600/- explained Raveena, a fifth class student of Oadkridge International School, Nanakramguda. She had her stall along with many established and enterprising women at Pretx. 

Sneha Jalan, another fifth class student of Oakridge School showcased Bath Bombs which are round shaped soaps, which have to be diluted in water and then take the bath.  Sneha named “BathWishWish” her company, she developed CRED BOMBS, organic Bath bombs.  These days, people use cosmetics that have chemicals which are harmful to our skin. So we came up with a quick and easy organic solution, a  brilliant idea to cater to the needs of the people.  My inspiration venturing out on my StartUp is my habit of using all herbal and organic products for my skin on Sundays, which I feel will be a good habit for others too, says Sneha very confidently. Her mother Radhika Jalan is very proud of her daughter. 

Nine year old NIharika Bodla and 10 years old  Amulya Adusumilli embarked on their journey of entrepreneurship while studying at Oakridge International School. Their product, Scented Summer Spray, which also is the name of their company. It is a perfume and room freshener.  This scented fragrance is also keeps human beings cool during this summer weather says both girls very confidently. 

Arissa Sur, a ten years old fifth standard student is fascinated by jewellery. So she established a company named “Persia’s Jewellry Empire”.  These are handmade ear rings.  I like wearing jewellery.  So instead of buying jewellery I wanted to make my own jewellery, she states. As a result of this quest I have come out with novel ear rings made out of colourful threads, she explains. 

Ruchika Agarwal, the founder of Banter is a 23 years old young girl, a food StartUp.  She has done MS from New York.  I studied Digital Marketing and Web Analytics. And I interned with food company in New York. I sold Indian food in New York.  That is when I struck with the idea Banter. New York has too many of such food stores.  I came back to India to start my own startup.   Everyone in India is going for wrong diets.  I want to provide healthy and yummy alternative food options to people of all ages. 

The initial response to her products, which makes out of her home along with her mother, was very good and encouraging. Looking at the overwhelming response, she is seriously planning to expand her line of products.  She also wants to get into breads. She has invested couple of lakhs.  People have lot of wrong information about Cashews and other nuts. But they are very healthy. I want to target young mothers, she says.  . 

All these students entrepreneurs like their elder peers were very professional in presentation and pitching for their products.  They developed a brochure and also had a visiting card. 

The student entrepreneur Raveena can be reach on Mobile: 7095520111, Sneha Jalan on 9502181357, Amulya Adusumilli, 9494097131, Niharika Bodla, 9866174116, Arissa Sur, 9849808117, Ruchika Aggarwal of Banter on9849947260

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