Students debate on the hazards of Plastic and Teflon

Bengaluru 19th December 2017: It is a product that is ubiquitous in its presence, modern households seeing plenty of its use and more so in the much touted new age kitchens. Plastic and Teflon coated utensils are common items featuring in modern kitchens, the Teflon coated pans promoted as ‘healthy’ cooking alternatives to reduce the quantum of oil used in cooking.

Very littleawareness prevails on the health hazards arising from using plastic and Tefloncoated utensils for cooking. Hairline International, in a bid tocreate public awareness and especially amongst the youth, conducted a debate onthe use of plastic and Teflon coated utensils, in MES Primary andSecondary School.Ms. H.C. Nagarathna Murthy, Pattabhiramnagar,Jayanagar Corporator, Ward No-168 was the chief guest for event today.

The eventsaw over 200 students from the classes 6th to 9th attendingthe program, with a dozen students from these classes participating in thedebate. A panel of three judges, Dr Premalatha V DermatosurgeonHairline International Hair and Skin Clinic, Dr. Imtiaz Dermatologist, BioterraDiagnostics and Ms. Mythili G Nirvan, Managing Director Prachar MedaiSolutions judged the event.

The programalso saw Dr Premalatha making a presentation on the ill effects of plastics andTeflon coated utensils, suggesting possible replacement of the same withceramic, glass and steel and aluminium plates and pans. Dr Premalatha alsoadvocated revisiting the age old practice of using cast iron pans, steel,copper, ceramic and glass utensils in the kitchen.

“A researchrecently conducted by Hairline has shown BISPHENOL A (BPA), an industrialcompound used to make plastic and resins as well as PFOA found in Teflondisrupt the normal endocrine function besides increasing the risk of cancer,asthma and a range of heart ailments”, warned Dr Premalatha.

Concurring,Dr Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director Hairline International Hair &Skin Clinic, called for greater awareness and a change in lifestyle choices toavoid the ingestion of BPA and PFOA into our system. “Using cast iron, steel,aluminium, glass are a much healthier practice than the infusion of plasticthat has come about into our lifestyle. Our research made us realise howimportant it is urge for a lifestyle change. Hence, creating awareness amongstchildren is an important measure.”

Applaudingthe concern of Hairline to create awareness on plastic and Teflon on health,especially in the future generation, Ms H C Nagarathna Murthy, Jayanagar,Corporator, Ward No 168 urged all students to educate parents to avoid the useof plastic and Teflon coated vessels.

HairlineInternational gave away the prizes for to the winners and to all participatingstudents.

Earlier,suspecting that BPA and PFOA could have a role in causing hair loss, HairlineInternational Research & Treatment Centre conducted observationalstudies over a span of one year where 1000 cases exposed to plastic and Teflonuse respectively and another 500 cases coming under a control group wereassessed. “The tests showed hair fall to be more than 100 per day in 80 percent of those in the exposed group while the controlled group recorded merely20-25 per day”, stated Dr Premalatha.

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