SUNADHA encourages the differently abled artists.

Bengaluru June 2017. Samarthanam has been encouraging people with disabilities to showcase their talent. An achievement cannot be fathomed without training. The project by name “Sunadha” provides an elevated platform for disabled artists across State, National and International reach. Sunadha has managed to deliver 3000 performances beyond grasp across three continents. The program specializes artists in various forms of art and even conquering in athletics. The troupe specializing in Indian classical and folk has got opportunities to travel to USA and performed in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

The artists have received prestigiousoffers after showcasing their talent. Around 100 artists are givenopportunities to perform. One among the hundreds is Jayalaxmi, who turned into new leaf after joining Sunadha. Jayalaxmistands as a strong pillar against all the odds in her life.  She was brought up by single parent and livedin Bellari district. She lost an eye at the age of five. Her remarkable journeybegan after joining here. Academically she excelled and completed her Bachelorsin Commerce. Additionally, she overcame stage fear mastering Bharatnatyam danceform and won prizes in All India Dance Competition for Visually Challenged heldin Kolkata and Coimbatore.  She did notlimit herself only to dancing. Sunadha made her capable to compete in athleticmeets. She bagged gold in 100 and 200 meter race under B2 category in the 17th  National Para Athletic Meet. She is a national sensation with such astoundingperformance despite her disability. Sunadha waters the seeds that bloom intobeautiful flowers and spread miraculously across the nations.

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