SVC Bank launches SVC Care, Facilitates deeper Customer connect and service

3rd April, 2018. Mumbai: SVC Bank (SVC Co-operative Bank Ltd.), formally known as The Shamrao Vithal Co-op. Bank Ltd, and one of India’s top three urban co-operative banks – is offering now the upgraded call centre SVC Care. Chairman Mr. Udaykumar Gurkar inaugurated the Call Centre in the presence of senior representatives of the SVC bank. Prominent Marathi actress Ms. Spruha Joshi who is also the bank’s customer since many years, was the Star Guest of the function. The upgradation is the part of SVC Bank’s strategy to deliver an exceptional banking experience to its customers. Customers can access information pertaining to their accounts and carry out other transactions through this facility. SVC Care will focus upon providing the Bank’s customer base with dedicated and personalised customer relationships.

The callcentre will operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, including holidays, and will beaccessible to customers of the Bank across India. The Call Centre facility isequipped with state-of-the-art CRM software for easy customer requestprocessing, ACD, Dialler & Integration with Infoservice software forenabling real time blocking of net banking, debit card and mobile banking,integration with indigenously developed Genius Core Banking Software. SVC Carewill have trained professionals referred to as SVC Soldiers on a mission toprovide round the clock, quality customer care.

Mr.Udaykumar P. Gurkar, Chairman of SVC Bank said, “Our customers remain at theheart of our expanding business. Considering the growing level of sophisticationof our customers, we recognize that we must continue to exceed theirexpectations and ensure that they are able to reach us anytime of the day. Wewant to be offering facilities, products and services which are relevant,with-the-times and most importantly are adding value to the customers’ life.SVC Care’s toll free helpline and round-the-clock personalised assistance isjust the beginning of this endeavour towards enriching the customer’sexperience.”

Theupgradation of SVC Care is a reflection of the Bank’s commitment to achieve itsvision of becoming the leading provider of innovative financial services,through continuous efforts to provide advanced banking services of the higheststandards. 

Mr.Rakesh Singh, Head - Retail Banking , SVC Bank added, “The first phase of the Upgradedlaunch will focus on service requests, queries, feedback and complaints, as apart of Inbound facility coupled with customer engagement right  from thestart of the relationship as part of the Outbound facility. SVC Bank customerscan expect more personalised banking services in the near future with advancedfeatures of Phone Banking aimed at transactional convenience to be unveiled inthe forthcoming phases. We will also look at proactively reaching out to moreand more have-nots, making them experience and benefit from SVC Bank’s legacyand expertise. This facility will be staged in manner that it builds inoperational efficiency while delivering a best-in-class customer experience.”

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