Swearing by Roots to tackle sound pollution

Hyderabad, 24 November, 2017….. It is a welcome revelation. The Gen Next is as much concerned about the adverse impact of man-made disasters and health hazards as are elders, who strive to educate people, including the common man, about the need to take precautionary measures. In a society whereby in keeping pace with increasingly ruthless professional competition, many turn oblivious to perils they are creating for themselves and those in the surroundings.One such man-made disaster that spells doom is noise pollution, particularly those where the decibel levels can ‘kill’ living beings, including humans and animals.

In its bit to address this menace and help bringrelief, by way of sensitization, theSomajiguda-based Roots Junior College launched a ‘Noise Pollution Awareness’campaign in its campus on November 24, 2017 (Friday). Making theappeal far-reaching and also ensure that the youngsters take to it in letterand spirit, the college management roped in the star cast of ‘Undha Ledha’, aTollywood film that, incidentally, deals with several social issues.


It was a wonderfulafternoon for the enthusiastic students, who interacted with the celebrities,which included lead actors Ramakrishna, Ankitha and director AV SivaPrasad. Ankitha, who plays a doctor in the movie, cautioned the gatheringagainst listening to music in such a high-pitch that it could create nuisancein the neighbourhood. They should understand that noise beyond certainlimits could cause deafness. She urged the youngsters to be aware thatnoise should be restricted to levels that should be within tolerable limits ofhuman being and animals. Noise pollution can cause ecological imbalances tofatalistic levels, the students were told.


Ramakrishna saidthat ‘sound kills without proof or any warnings’. This made it a silent killer,which is already taking a heavy toll. The producer and director, as alsomanagement personnel of the college, highlighted the other factors that createnoise pollution. Cars, bikes and buses are major pollutants. The celebratedassemblage exhorted the youngsters to take steps to help reduce such healthhazards, including warning vehicle owners to stop honking at every junction andsee that vehicles do not make sounds that could cause health problems toeveryone.


The students vowedto launch their own awareness campaigns and took delight while taking selfieswith the celebrated ‘Undha Ledha’ team in the campus. It was a ‘societalresponsibility’ class that will hold the students in good stead in all futureendeavours. 

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