Swimmer Sajan Prakash becomes the brand ambassador of IFIM Institutions

Mumbai, May 22nd, 2018: Commonwealth Games and Rio Olympics swimmer Sajan Prakash has become the brand ambassador of Bengaluru’s premiere IFIM Institutions. The sportsman will represent the holistic development of students at IFIM.

Sajan Prakash was the only Indian Swimmer at the2016 Rio Olympics and is also known as India’s Michael Phelps. He had alsobagged six gold and three silver medals at the Thiruvananthapuram NationalGames. 

IFIM Institutions and Sajan share the same view ofthe importance of fitness and discipline from a young age. SanjayPadode, Secretary, Center for Development Education, IFIM Institutions throwslight on having a national level sportsman as the ambassador, “At IFIM, wevalue talent and skills. Sajan is an ideal example of a young role model whohas made his mark in the field of swimming only through his hard-work anddedication. His challenging attitude to go beyond boundaries is what makes IFIMnaturally associate with him.” 

Sajan Prakash will promote the flagship PGDMprograms at IFIM Business School along with other annual cultural events suchas Kanyathon, Naman and Aura. 

Sharing his thoughts on the association withIFIM, Sajan Prakash said, “I feel proud to be associated witha higher educational institution that promotes sports and fitness so actively,while focusing on quality education. Youngsters need to understand that ahealthy lifestyle is as important as a positive career growth. This approach informal education is motivated at IFIM, which is something I personally believein.” 

With Sajan Prakash on board, IFIM Institutions plansto communicate the importance of an overall development of an individual at thehigher educational level.

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