TAITRA announces COMPUTEX 2018 and SMART ASIA India 2018

Bangalore, March 9th, 2018: The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), the foremost non-profit trade promotion organisation in Taiwan, today announced COMPUTEX 2018, to be held from June 5th to 9th, in the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei, and the Second Edition of the ‘SMART ASIA India 2018—Expo & Summit’ to be held from October 4th to 6th in Bangalore. The announcement was made in the presence of key dignitaries including Mr. James M. S. Kuo, Deputy Executive Director of Exhibition Department, TAITRA, Mr. M. N. Vidyashankar, Former Additional Chief Secretary to Govt. of Karnataka and Mr. Mohan Rajamani, Vice Chairman, American Chamber of Commerce.

Welcoming the audience at the conference, Mr. JamesKuo said, “TAITRA is glad to announce COMPUTEX 2018 and SMART ASIA India 2018here.Taiwan has been making a drastic shift from high-tech manufacturing to aninnovation-driven economy. Our advanced ICT capabilitieshave earned usthe status of a global leader in smarttechnologies and smart city solutions, and we want to extend this expertiseto our Indian counterparts.” He added, “India is not only one of thefastest growing economies in the world, it is also witnessing an exponentialgrowth in information technology sector. We value India’s marketpotential, its globally competitive ICT industry, its richtalent resources and the vision led by Honourable Prime Minister ShreeNarendra Modi for the Smart Cities Mission. With both COMPUTEX 2018 and SMARTASIA India 2018, we are hoping to create more opportunities for trade, industrycollaboration and knowledge partnerships between India and Taiwan.”

SMART ASIA India 2018 is a B2B tradeshow initiated by TAITRA to facilitate India’s ambitious ‘SmartCities Mission’. The themes for 2018 focus on three major aspects, namely,Smart City Solutions, Smart Technology Applications, and City DevelopmentProduct and Services. SMART ASIA India will demonstratecutting-edge technologies and solutions available to tacklechallenges that Indian cities are facing as a result of urbanization and increasingpopulation.

Sharing his vision for SMART ASIA India 2018, Mr.James Kuo stressed, “We received a significant level of recognition and activeparticipation from industry stakeholders in the first edition. This year we areexpecting the number of visitors to the show to increaseby 30 percent.” He continued, “Taiwan has been utilizing smarttechnologies in building efficient modern cities for many years now and SMARTASIA India provides an excellent platform to connect Taiwan's competencein this domain and India's opportunities to build intelligent, robust andefficient smart cities”.

While SMART ASIA India 2018 is seeking a long-termpartnership with the South Asian country to realize the Smart Citiesvision, COMPUTEX 2018 is looking forward to attracting more Indianvisitors to enhance the India-Taiwan trade relationship. 

COMPUTEX is the world’s leading B2B ICT/IoT and start-upexhibitions. With a new positioning, COMPUTEX 2018 will be focusingon AI, 5G, Blockchain, IoT, Innovations & Start-ups, and Gaming& VR. Taiwan is ranked number 1 in Asia for the GlobalEntrepreneurship Index in 2017, which makes the best endorsement for start-upsto expand their business in Taiwan. To further boost this idea, COMPUTEXwill set up InnoVEX, a prevailing start-up event inAsia which is a networking platform for aspiring newly establishedbusinesses across the globe. The theme for InnoVEX exhibit 2018 is“Finding the RIGHT FIT” and it is set to host more than 300 globalstart-ups and accelerators.

With 1600 exhibitors and 5010 booths, last year theresponse for COMPUTEX was overwhelming. COMPUTEX 2017 was a host to 41,378international visitors from 167 countries. Speaking on COMPUTEX 2018, Mr.James Kuo commented, “The result of an effective transformation brings morebuyers and opportunities for COMPUTEX exhibitors. Industry leaders such asACER, ADATA, ASUS, COOLERMASTER, GIGABYTE, INTEL, MICROSOFT, NVIDIA,SUPERMICRO, THERMALTEK and many others are looking to showcasethe latest innovations this coming June. COMPUTEX 2018 will not onlyserve as a platform for procurement, but also a hub for establishedbrands and start-ups to interact, connect and cooperate.” India stoodamong the Top 10 visitors for COMPUTEX 2017 and the footfall from Indian visitorsis expected to grow to 20% this year.”

COMPUTEX also recently made its presence atConvergence 2018 in Delhi starting from 7th to 9th March,showcasing the winning products of the COMPUTEX d&i Awards and theresponse has been tremendous. 

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