Taiwan Excellence showcases exciting, smart Solutions at SMART ASIA 2017

Bengaluru, November 23, 2017: Participating in the SMART ASIA 2017 expo, Taiwan Excellence repeat edits commitment to sharing expertise in the Smart Cities domain and enhancing the ‘Smart City’ experience for other countries, in particular India.

SMART ASIA2017, a three-day event commencing on 23 November at the White OrchidConvention Center, Bengaluru, brought together Taiwan’s expertise and India’senthusiasm for building intelligent, robust and efficient Smart Cities.

Since PrimeMinister Narendra Modi announced the ambitious ‘Smart Cities’ mission in India,Taiwan has consistently collaborated with India by offering its proficiency inthe field of smart projects. Earlier this year in May, Taiwan Excellenceparticipated in the 3rd Smart Cities 2017, showcasing the array of smart solutionsit has provided to thriving and successful projects across the world.

SMART ASIA2017 focused on smart tech and smart city solutions and provided a commonplatform for related industries from across the world to interact and exchangeinnovative ideas. It aimed to offer solutions to restructure cities leveragingsuperior intelligence, networks and telecom, digitalization, public transport,energy grids, public health, water resource management and environmentalsustainability.

The tradefair saw several leading Taiwanese brands exhibit cutting-edge solutions fromtheir repertoire in smart ICT, smart healthcare, Internet of Things (IoT)solutions and smart-life devices industries. Companies showcasing theirinnovative products included Acer India, Advantech, Amaryllo, Aver, CHEM, CTCIAdvanced, CTCI, Delta, EBN, Elite group, EMS, Everlight, Fenri, FETC, FSP,Fuho, Good Will, HT Green, IEI, Trade India, Karma, Ketech, Medimaging,Mirco-star, Mirle, Mitac, Moxa, Nestor, Plustek, QNAP, Shinnan, Sole Aqua,Tongya, Transcend, Youbike, A-TEAM, Taiwan Excellence, Computex and TaiwanTrade.

TWTC alsoorganized an ‘India-Taiwan Smart City Summit’ on the sidelines of SMART ASIA2017. The summit brought together government representatives and industryleaders to identify the challenges and opportunities of urbanization, shareexperiences and best practices of smart city solutions, and explore futuretrends and possibilities for India’s smart cities.

Speakingabout the expo, Mr. James C. F. Huang, Chairman, Taipei World Trade Center(TWTC) -sister organization to Taiwan External Trade Development Council(TAITRA) said, “Several cities in Taiwan have been early smart-city adopters.Many Taiwanese-based companies are already working with governments across theworld to provide smart solutions in various areas, ranging from increasingcarbon usage efficiency to renewable energy and hardware solutions. Studieshave shown that Smart Cities have the potential to become a major globalindustry, with Asia as an innovation hub. Asia, as a region, has demand forurbanization, is technologically ready, and has government support for smartcities. Platforms like Smart Asia are providing Taiwan Excellence a greatopportunity to showcase the various smart solutions it has effectivelyimplemented in an array of areas.”

The symbolof Taiwan Excellence honors Taiwan’s most innovative products, which providetremendous value to users worldwide. All products carrying this symbol havebeen selected for specific Taiwan Excellence Awards based on their excellencein design, quality, marketing, Taiwanese R&D and manufacturing. Initiatedby the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1992, the symbol of Taiwan Excellence isnow recognized by 100 countries.

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