Take The Off Beat Path With These 6 Honeymoon Destinations By Kapil Goswamy, CMD,BigBreaks.com

Honeymoon is one of the most beautiful time periods in life for a married couple. Planning for a honeymoon is quite exciting as there are a plethora of options to choose from. However, to find the perfect place that takes the love birds away from the maddening tourist crowd can be little tricky. Most cliché honeymoon destinations in India and nearby are overcrowded and lack the peace and solitude, newlyweds look for. If you are looking for an offbeat destination to wind off the stress post wedding and spend moments of privacy and intimacy with your better half, we have hand-picked six best honeymoon destinations for you. These places listed by Kapil Goswamy, CMD, BigBreaks.com provide an ideal setting, along with an opportunity to spend some quality time with each other.

Lakshadweep :: Exotic islands andcoral archipelagoes of Lakshadweep are one of the most secluded beachdestinations in India. Covered by a thick green carpet of coconut palms,threaded by an untainted line of silvery white sands, set in an ocean, whosecolors change from palest aquamarine and turquoise to deepest sapphire andlapis lazuli, the islands of Lakshadweep are a perfect retreat for thosenewlyweds who wish to enjoy blissful beach surroundings with an idyllic senseof privacy. Moreover, if you two love water sports, you can enjoy various watersport activities like scuba-diving, fishing and snorkeling at this romanticgetaway.


Khajjiar:: If mainstream hillstations like Shimla or Manali do not interest you anymore, head-off to Khajjiar,a little Himalayan gem near Dalhousie. Surrounded by green meadows, forests andsnow-clad mountains Khajjiar is Himachal’s best kept secret and is unspoiledand less crowded. Often touted as the mini Switzerland of India, due to itsresemblance to the country, Khajjiar is a perfect offbeat honeymoon destinationin India. Adventure sport activities like Zorbing, trekking and paraglidingalso take place here which add to the element of thrill to this pleasantlycharming hill station.


Tawang:: Tawang is a sparselypopulated town in Arunachal Pradesh, with mesmerizing views of valleys andmountains. Perched at a height of 10,000 ft above sea level, Tawang is an idealhoneymoon destination providing the much needed tranquility to newly marriedcouples. The town is immersed in the colours of Tibetan culture, with variousattractive monasteries and Buddhist structures scattered all around. It is aperfect bet for couples who wish to explore a distinct culture in the realm ofnature.


Shillong:: Capital of thewettest state of India- Meghalaya, Shilong is a picture perfect honeymoondestination in the Northeast region of India. Also, known as Scotland of theeast, Shilong is home to cascading waterfalls, pretty lakes dense forests,mystical caves and fascinating ancient tree root bridges. The city has a veryyoung vibe as it adorns a westernized culture and has many musical eventsrunning throughout the year, making it a lively place always bustling withactivity. 


Vietnam :: A perfectamalgamation of natural beauty and culture, Vietnam serves as an idealhoneymoon retreat nearby India. Its untouched landscape, exotic environment,lush green scenery, long coastlines and vibrant culture are sure to enamorevery honeymoon couple. Revel in the ancient architecture of the country orrelish the one of its kind floating villages. Experience the peace at Buddhistpagodas or relax at the many beach resorts and boutique hotels in the country.The scenic beauty of this country is boundless and inexpressible in plainwords.


Turkey:: If you and yourpartner fancy history and culture, then honeymooning at the Mediterranean landof Turkey is the best option for you. With one foot in Europe and one in Asia,Turkey represents a truly remarkable culture and a distinct race of people.Experiences like staying in cave resorts, traditional Turkish spas, sensualTurkish baths and romantic Fayton rides add to your honeymoon memoirs.Captivating architecture, lively bazaars and pristine beaches along with avibrant nightlife, are some other key reason to invest in a honeymoon trip toTurkey. It’s all you have dreamt of! . 

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