Talenmark to Build India’s Biggest Cultural Monument as Part of the Markaz Knowledge City

Hyderabad, India India’s future forward real estate company, Talenmark announced that their ambitious and iconic structure deemed to be “The Biggest Cultural Center of India” is under construction in Calicut, Kerala.

India’s future forward real estate company, Talenmark announced that their ambitious and iconic structure deemed to be “The Biggest Cultural Center of India” is under construction in Calicut, Kerala. The unique building is more than 80 percent finished and will be ready for launch in March 2020. The Cultural Monument that promises to be something that all Indians will be proud of was conceived as part of the 125 acre integrated township project ‘Markaz Knowledge City’. Located on the Calicut-Wayanad National Highway in Kerala, this endeavor was initiated by the Markazu Saqafathi Sunniyya Trust and was taken up at the cost of Rs 3000 crore.

 “The building design is exemplary and the scale and excellence in delivery will ensure that this will be the first of its kind in the country. The launch will be a grand affair to be graced by heads of several heads of nations,” announced Mr. Habeeburahman, MD of Talenmark at a press conference in Hyderabad. They were in Hyderabad to attend the Indo-Arab World Bilateral Meet organized by Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce and attended by business leaders, influencers and decision-makers from all over the world.

 “Cultural Centre, the 1,00,000 sq. mt. construction is coming up on a 9-acre plot with an investment of Rs 100 crore,” announced Dr. Abdul Salam Mohammed, CEO Markaz Knowledge City and a former ISRO scientist in conjunction with Talenmark.

“We are in talks with United Nations to get the Cultural Centre stamped as a unique structure by UNESCO,” announced Mr. Habeeb Koya, Director International Markets, Talenmark.

 The Cultural Centre is modeled on Knowledge Exchange Centers of yore. It has elements that allow one to leaf through a civilization similar to an Arabic Souk with a Spiritual Enclave and a Research and Development Centre. The circular souk, build in the Arabic marketplace architecture style comprises of a labyrinth of 150 shops assigned for more than 50 categories of trade, thus giving visitors a glimpse into different cultures.

 An international heritage museum tells the tale of a beautiful past. The world library would have a collection of many worthy monographs. The International Event Centre can host various cultural activities and intellectual dialogues.

 “The scale of the project is unprecedented. Seeing is believing. This modern edifice and supreme structure will change the way the construction industry is perceived in India. It may not be out of place nor an exaggeration if I say it will be India’s most famous and iconic building that one must visit at least once in this lifetime,” said Mr. Hibathulla, Director, Talenmark.

“The project was started with the thought that there are iconic structures such as St. Paul Cathedral in London; Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur; the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy; Taj Mahal in Agra in India; why not we build something which is eternal. This monument will truly be a testament to what man can build,” said Mr. Muhammed Shakeel, Director, Talenmark.

“Special concrete mixed with special chemicals have been used to increase the longevity of the building as it is being a monument that must stand for a long time,” informed Mr. Darvish, an architect from Darvish Kareem Muhammed, the architect firm pressed into the service for the cultural center.

Talking to media, the visionary builders said, “Talenmarks’ dream is to contribute culturally significant and aesthetically noteworthy projects to the country. We would like to construct iconic structures which will enhance the image of the country as a nation of great builders. We are proud of our legendary and iconic ancient buildings yet somehow we have failed to add more structures to our rich cultural heritage”.

 “Calicut has the rich heritage and history as it attracted Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama, the first European to reach India via the Atlantic Ocean on the Malabar Coast. We would like to capture this history and hence we planned this cultural monument. It will be India’s only Arabic Souk. It has a mix of six different architectural styles mainly Mughal. It will also house India’s biggest rooftop garden and India’s biggest research center,” they said.

 The center has a bulbous dome comprised of a steel structure, which, upon completion, would be the biggest dome of its kind in India. It finds a modern aesthetic expression among the minarets and arches that can accommodate more than ten thousand people. The 75,000 sq.mt. rooftop garden acts as a spillover space and would be replete with more than 100 fruit trees on completion.

The project will merit a place on the world tourism map for all its salient aesthetic features resembling a Mughal monument and for its proximity to Wayanad, one of India’s finest hill stations. The 3000 crore Knowledge City project where the Cultural Monument is coming up will comprise of residential spaces and various institutions. 

Habeeburahman, Hibathulla, and Muhammed Shakeel, the trio who in are in their mid-thirties, plunged into the sector with a passion to make a difference to the culture and heritage of society and to make a mark for themselves. They did this especially when many youths hesitate from foraying into real estate allaying fears, contemplating uncertainties fueled by the looming threat of recession. They dared to plunge because their passion pushed into it. 

Their venture, Talenmark Developers started small with 160sq ft office, the size of a cubicle just enough to hold four people. They have grown many fold in just a four-year time span. The company has recently signed MOUs for building similar cultural centers in Bangladesh and Djibouti. For the dreamers who are passionate, nothing seemed impossible.

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