TAPMI seeks a direction for HR through its DISHA

Manipal, 1stSeptember, 2017 – The 9thedition ofthe three-day annual HR conclave ‘DISHA’ concluded here at T. A. Pai Management Institute. The theme for this year’s conclave, “Metamorphosis: Redesign, Recreate, Transform”reflected the need for HR as a domain to upgrade itself in an environment. It is characterised by an ever-intensifying war of talent, the use of analytics for decision-making and leveraging artificial intelligence for transactional activities.

DISHA is a flagship HR event of TAPMI that creates a platformfor industry leaders to articulate the current issues, challenges andopportunities in the HR space. This year’s conclave saw the presence of severaleminent HR heads of big companies such as Mr. Ramesh Shankar, Executive Vice President and Head of HR, Siemens, Mr.Manoj K Prasad, Vice President, Talent Management, Reliance Industries, SuehlanYu, Vice-President HR Accenture Service Pvt. Ltd, Ms. Sonali Dutta, Lead HR, Swarovski, India, Mr.Sumit Mukherjee, Associate VP, HR at Apollo Munich Health Insurance, Mr.Satyajit Dash, Vice President HR, Idea Cellular to name a few.

Speaking about the importance of a fest such as DISHA, Prof. MadhuVeeraraghavan, Director of TAPMI, said, “Events such as DISHA provides aplatform for students to interact with industry professionals to gaininsights.When teams work together, there’s a lot more innovation than a loneinventor,” and “that should be the focus of HR in the coming years.”

The three-day conclave was packed with panel discussion,interactive guest lectures and seminars, delivered by eminent industry guestson various topics and student competitions such as debates, hiring simulationsand mock press event.

The panel discussion and interactive lectures saw manyrelevant HR spokesperson such as SudeepMitra– Investor and Advisor at Qilotech.com, ArindamDatta, Senior General Manager-Ops, WNS Global, Mr. Umanath Kumar, Divisionalmanager-HR, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.Ms. PriyadarshiniPrabhu-HeadTalent Management and Operational Development-TE connectivity, , Mr.JatinPeepliwal, Talent Management, HRBP, University Relations Times, Dr SunilNaik, Director-HR, DGF India, Mr Rajesh Sahay, Sr V-P and HR head WIPRO,MrKosal Ram, General Manager HR at Manipal Hospitals Internet sharing theirinsights on topics such as  man-machine collaboration in HRtechnology adoption, employee development– risks and returns, making brand advocates through employee consumerization.

Speaking on the changing face ofHR, Suehlan Yu, Vice-President (HR), Accenture Service Pvt. Ltd, said, “Previously,the HR worked in a silo.However, the lines between the different departmentswere getting blurred and technology can streamline the process. The use oftechnology could make the process of Talent Acquisition unbiased and make itextremely easy to get information on a candidate through social media.”

Mr.JitenChanana, Group Manager HR, WNS Global Services said, “Being in recruitment does not mean just talkingto people; it is also about connecting with people. HR is a cost centeranddoesn’t earn revenues. There is a skill gap between the requirements of theindustry and the training of the new graduates. As technology is changingrapidly, the skillsets of employees should also improve.”

Emphasizing on the need to engage with employees, Mr. Sumit Mukherjee,Associate VP, HR at Apollo Munich Health Insurance, said, “Today’sgeneration is under huge pressure to obtain success as everyone expects them toachieve more and therefore there is a need to appreciate them and engage withthem. Engagement strategy is all about getting people involved in decision-makingof the organization. The most important aspect is retention of employees in theorganization and they can only stay in the organization as long as they lovetheir work.”

DISHA, conceptualized in 2009, provides a platform forstudents to interact with and initiate conversations with HR experts, discovernew perspectives, learn about the current challenges and developments in thefield and understand the expectations of industry as a whole. The three-dayevent was packed with events for the students, giving them the opportunity tointeract with industry stalwarts while testing their skills. 

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