Taraji’s Foundation Launches Village Health 2020 Mission

Pune, January 29, 2017 – In India, the lack of healthcare infrastructure is a major issue that has been affecting the lives of urban masses and the rural population equally. The access to healthcare is a deep concern for people living in the rural areas of this vast nation. To address the healthcare issues of people living in the villages of Maharashtra, Taraji’s Foundation has now launched Village Health 2020 Mission with an objective of making healthcare accessible for at least 2020 villages across the state till the year 2020. The program was launched at Samta Vidyalaya in Pune District.

Taraji’sFoundation is a not-for profit organization launched in the name of Shri TarajiGoel who has been instrumental in bringing a social and economical change inmany parts of Maharashtra. The Foundation will organize health camps indifferent villages every Thursday between 5 and 7 pm wherevillagers will be given primary healthcare benefits at a paltry contribution ofjust Rs. 10 each. Each patient will get free medicines from the Foundation. Thehealth camp will be attended by doctors from different specialties, namelyGeneral Physicians, Eyes Specialists, Skin Care Specialists, Dentists, ENTTSpecialists and others. Villagers will benefit from healthcare services, likescreening, diagnosis, consultation and medication. 

Vedant Goel,who is the grandson of Shri Taraji and also the Team Leader of the Foundationis the man behind starting this health mission. Speaking about the mission, hestates, “Our mission is to help every Indian and help them to improve theirhealth conditions. The objective is to make healthcare accessible to everyone,no matter if he or she lives in a remote village. Before 2020, we want toexpand this initiative to cover 2020 villages in the state.” 

Theinitiative has been supported by BuyNGOcraft.com, which is an exclusive onlinemarketplace for NGOs, artisans, weavers, craftsmen, self-help groups, andothers to sell their handmade goods and crafts to the worldwide customers. Theonline portal aims at strengthening the rural economy to help skilled villagersto build their own regular and sustainable income stream. 

Speaking tothe media present at the occasion, Vedant says, “We have drafted a state-wideplan to cover the major portion of Maharashtra during our healthcare campaignperiod. We will keep updating the media about key developments on a regularbasis. Moreover, we want our story to reach other NGOs, organizations, socialworkers and others so that our model can be replicated and the mission can beextended in other parts of the country as well.”

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