Tata Motors releases its Annual CSR Report FY 2017-18

Bangalore, August 6, 2018: Tata Motors’ one of India’s leading automobile companies, recently released its FY 2017-18 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, highlighting its commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Tata Motors have already addressed fifteen of the seventeen SDGs, and have demonstrated remarkable progress with some of their latest achievement being the nutrition initiatives undertaken at Jamshedpur, earning them the ‘Industry Champion’ award (instituted jointly by the Government of Jharkhand and UNICEF).

The Company has made conscious efforts to involve and promote SC/ST communities through their affirmative action programme called ‘Aadhar’.  Around 40% of their CSR efforts are earmarked towards Aadhar initiatives. Currently, Tata Motors have over 6000 SC/ST employees as a part of their workforce and around 34% of the apprentices/trainees belong to the SC/ST Communities.

Recapping the year gone by Mr. Guenter Butschek, MD & CEO, Tata Motors said, “The name ‘Tata’ is an inspiration for all of us, resonating our extraordinary commitment to the larger community. Tata Motors works with the philosophy of ‘More from Less for More’ which implies striving to achieve scale by judicious utilization of resources, to achieve greater impact. The company adopts human lifecycle approach by offering age continuum CSR programs, which are horizontally linked to each other. CSR is not just a statement but an integral part of our DNA. It feels proud to lead an organization where people live and breed such philosophy.

During the year, the company leveraged technology tools to enhance execution efficiency, deployed mobile applications to track real time performance and encouraged individual entrepreneurs to develop new solutions best suited to meet the local challenges. Indeed a lot of good work has been done during the last financial year and I am confident that we will continue to keep raising the bar, leveraging onto the strategic partnerships and engagement with our stakeholders.”

During FY 2017-18, the company has reinforced its initiatives on topics related to Health, Education, Employability and the Environment with concrete achievements measured through different KPIs. Tata Motors positively touched lives of 6,44,000 people across these identified thrust areas.

Highlights on the four pillars of CSR at Tata Motors:

Health initiative ‘Aarogya’ which aims to curb malnutrition, facilitated availability of clean drinking water to remote communities and provided preventive/ curative health services, covering 2,909 malnourished children and 3,13,303 people for health services.

Education initiative ‘Vidyadhanam’ which focuses on improving the academic performance of secondary/college going students, engaged in disbursing scholarships to the needy/ meritorious students, while facilitating them with special coaching classes. Sanctioned 9,612 scholarships and supported 28,078 students with special coaching in FY 2017/18. Tata Motors initiatives to improve School infrastructure continue to enhance the learning environment for the students.

Employability initiative ‘Kaushalya’ which aims to address high rate of unemployment by skilling people in automotive, non-automotive, agricultural & allied trades. The initiative also supports women empowerment by introducing them in traditionally male dominant industries. In the year 2017-18, 12,031 and 3,484 people underwent automotive and non-automotive trainings respectively. 

Environment initiative ‘Vasundhara’ which promotes environmental consciousness among school students encouraged sapling plantation and distribution of renewable energy products. Outcome – 1,03,746 new saplings planted across locations with 56,161 people covered under environmental awareness program.

For more information about Tata Motors CSR strategy and commitment, please read our 2018 CSR Report: https://www.tatamotors.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/06111347/annual-csr-report-2017-18.pdf

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