Tata Tea’s latest Jaago Re film on Women’s Day makes a hard-hitting point

India, 8 March 2017: Just weeks after the launch of the Tata Tea Jaago Re 2.0 campaign “Alarm Bajne Se Pehle Jaago Re”, that urges people to act before unfortunate incidents occur, Tata Tea Jaago Re has released yet another powerful film on International Women’s Day raising a hard-hitting point that if we, the current generation, react only when issues escalate, then the generation that comes after us will bear the brunt of our reactionary behavior.

Thethought-provoking video is a montage of questions most young girls have askedtheir mothers at least once in their lives but never got a clear answer to. Thead film opens with girls asking questions like ‘Why does grandma not want youto work after marriage?’, ‘Why can’t I get out of the house after 6pm’ and ‘Whydid you walk faster when that man teased you?’ and more. As these questions areabout issues their moms face, the child’s vulnerability, our tendency to reactonly when we become the victim, and the gravity of the issue suddenly becomesclearer.

Thesequestions that the younger generations ask the present generation reflect theirconfusion on why ‘something of this nature happened’ & why ‘didn’t theirmother or father do anything about it’.                The film then leaves viewerswith the hard-hitting thought, ‘Don’t wait for your daughters to find theseanswers themselves. Make a difference and Act.’

ThisInternational Women’s day, Tata Tea Jaago Re strives to draw attention towardsthe fact that if we choose to ignore, and don’t act now then the futuregenerations will suffer. The brand endeavours to make the consumers pledge tostarting acting now to create a safer and better society for our children.

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