Team GHR launches Swachh R.R Nagar Campaign for a cleaner Rajarajeshwari Nagar

Bangalore, 13th November 2017: To provide a green & cleaner surrounding for the residents of Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Team GHR along with RR Nagar social groups today launched Swachh R.R Nagar Campaign, a 12 month long social responsibility awareness programme where more than 800 people participated. Present at the occasion were Mr. G.H Ramachandra, Former Corporator, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Sandalwood Actress Amulya along with other residents of Rajarajeshwari Nagar, and social groups like Youth for Parivarthan, RR Nagar-I Care, RRYA, Connect, RISE, Usiru and Naturobell were involved in the cleaning drive. Over 5000 cloth bags were distributed to the local resident which was aimed to reduce the use of plastic by substituting cloth bags and educate people about reusable bags.

As a part ofthis campaign Team GHR scheduled cleaning programmes across the area whichcomprised of cleaning bus stand, pavements of the roads & the lakes in thearea. They also organized a ‘COMPOST SANTE’, where more than 25 stalls were setup and a workshop was conducted on composting processes and methods. This wasinitiated to create awareness and educate the residents on waste reduction,compositing, reusing & recycling etc.

 Speakingat the occasion, Mr. G. H Ramachandra, Former Corporator, Rajarajeshwari Nagarsaid, “It is very encouraging to see such a huge participation by the residentsfor this cleanliness drive. I have been a resident of Rajarajeshwari Nagar forover 50 years and have witnessed the change that it has been through. For thebetterment of environment and to present a beautiful and cleaner RajarajeshwariNagar, I would like to request all the residents to put forth Mother Naturefirst and join hands in this selfless work by making this area a better placeto live”. 

Thiscampaign encompasses giving away plants to welcome the guest instead of bouquetin future if there are any programmes that will be held in RajarajeshwariNagar. A petition will be signed by the Team GHR which will be submitted toB.B.M.P Commissioner to restrict production of waste in the Balakrishna Rangamandiracommunity hall. Over 300 sets of Stainless Steel plates, glasses and spoonswill be provided to the Rangamandira by Team GHR so that there will be no useof plastic utensils. 

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