Bengaluru, 26thMay, 2018: TEDx SarjapuraRoad successfully hosted the TedxSalon, a community event of TedX, on Apogee of Technology', a curated platform that discussed and highlighted what the future of technology held for the present generation. The TEDx Salon event, hosted by Tarunjeet Rattan, Co – Founder, Nucleus Public Relations,featured four eminent speakers: Yaageshwaran Ganesh, Niti Kumar, Anang Tadar and Rakshit Kejriwal, who engaged the audience with their vision on the future of technology touching every aspect of our lives. The event was held at Aloft, Cessna Business Park, Sarjapur Road on 26thMay, 2018.

Commentingon the event, Varun Singha, TEDxSarjapuraroad event organiser said, “The TEDxSalon event saw a great turnout, who engaged proactively with the speakers. Ithink that the event sparked a lot of innovative ideas on the understanding andleveraging of technology in our personal and professional lives, thus ensuringthat the goal of TEDx, ideas worth sharing has been truly achieved”.The first speaker for the evening, Yaagneshawaran Ganesh, director of marketingat an AI based start-up in Redmond highlighted the importance of understandingand accepting the advancements in technology as part of the evolution andfinding ways to regulate it. He further added, “Technology is the future, asmillennials, it is our right to make use of our knowledge and apply it mosteffectively in our professional and everyday lives”.The second speaker, Niti Kumar, Managing Partner of MediaCom, focused on theimpact of technology on future job opportunities in the communication andadvertising industry. “The level of advancements that we have achieved when itcomes to AI and Robotics is incredible," she said. "The survivalinstinct that is in each one of us will always pave the way for evolution ofgreater things”.The third speaker, teenager Anang Tadar, inventor of the Goggles for Blind,,reassured the audience that a change can only come when we embrace it. Heconcluded his presentation saying, “Technology for me is the change and notowning fancy gadgets. Hailing from a remote village in Arunachal Pradesh, Iunderstand the value of hard work even more so than my classmates who come frommiddle – class families and are more privileged than me in many ways. Makinguse of every available resource at my disposal and embracing them in myinvention has made me what I am today. It is about the originality of ideas,embracing them and putting those ideas to use in the right manner”.The last speaker for the evening, Rakshit Kejriwal, CEO of Edyoo.com, ended thesession saying, “ The future of technology is AI, however, we should know howto use AI to our advantage, otherwise there is a high chance of our jobsgetting disrupted. The key skill here, is to master the art of quickadaptability to avoid a game of catch – up”.The audience enthusiastically participated in the talk and the event was agreat success.

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