Telangana Food Festival and Bathukamma Sambaralu kicked off at Karampodi, the restaurant that i

Hyderabad, September 20, 2017……. Telangana Food Festival and Bathukamma Sambaralu kicked off at Karampodi restaurant, opposite Film Nagar Club, Jubilee Hills. The fortnight festival will conclude on October 2.

Consul GeneralKatherine B. Hadda, U.S. Consul General in Hyderabad; B. Venkatesham,Secretary Tourism, Govt of Telangana,  Pervaram Ramulu, IPS(Retd), Chairman, TSTDC, CV Shankar Reddy, AsstDirector of Tourism,  Geetalakshmi, wife of B. Venkatesh and NadiaModell from Germany, Ajay K. Ramidi  graced the function


To mark the occasion and celebratethe same big bathukammas were arranged at the restaurant. Consul General Katherine B. Haddaparticipated in the Bathukamma Festival and went in rounds along with manywomen and artists from the culture department, Government of Telangana.  Shealso carried the Bathukamma herself, placed in the centre. She did that withlot of interest, zeal and devotion. She moved freely with women around her,enquired many things and learnt many new things about the festival.   Geethalakshmi,wife of Burra Venkatesham, Secretary Tourism, Nadia Modell from Germany andmany other joined in the festival and moved around bathukammas. 


Bathukamma, thefloral festival is a very special festival for ladies inTelangana.  The flowers are carefully arranged row after row in abrass plate in circular rows and in alternate colors. Bathukammas added morecolour to the Telangana Food Festival.


Speaking on the occasion at the Karampodi Telangana Food Festival andBathukamma Sambaralu, B. Venkatesham, Secretary Tourism, Govt of Telangana saidBathukamma is the unique festival of natural flowers (the flowers used inBathukamma are not culitivated flowers), women, nature, girl child, waterbodies and colours.  Though there are many women centric festivalscelebrated in India, this is the only festival celebrated by women for the girlchild. We must position it well like October Fest held in Germany, SambaFestival in Brazil. So that it can attract millions of foreign tourists to thestate.


Why not the 800 years old Bathukamma festival be showcased to the world.It has all the potential to attract so many foreign tourists.  Ouraim is to attract one million foreign tourists by the year 2022 to witnessBathukamma festival.  We can achieve this if we propagate it well.  Ifthese one millions tourists spend atleast rupees one lakh each on their visitto witness Bathukamma festival the state can record Rs 10,000crore newbusiness. That is the potential of the festival, Burra Venkatesham said.Bathukamma festival has the potential to the biggest women festival in theworld, he told.


A day should comemillion must come to the state to witness Bathukamma festival, Venkateshamsaid.  The festival must become global launch pad for the launch ofwomen centric products.  Duringthis Bathukamma Festival 3rd edition this year, Tourism andCultural Department is planning to break three Guinness World Records. Herefused to divulge more details, as a formal announcement regarding the samewould be made very soon, Venkatesham told. 


Earlier Bathukamma Festival was not promoted by the Government. Now thesituation is different. The department is embarked on a novel promotion drivethis time. Starting from September 25 till 27, for threedays,  Spciejet, IndiGo and Jetways will talk about BathukammaFestival on all its flights across the sectors in the country. And we havedeveloped a small booklet for free distribution highlighting the importance ofBathukamma Festival. The booklet will be distributed to all women passengers onall these flights. We hope to reach out to six lakh women air passengersduringthree days, Venakatesham shared. 


According to Ajay KRamidi and Raju of Karampodi, Karampodi is a restaurant born out of passionatejourney to revive some of the age old and forgotten homemade cuisines ofTelugus.  The festival offers some of these age old and forgottenhomemade cuisines and Authentic Telugu Cuisine, they informed. Your diningexperience at Karampodi will remind patrons of their roots, traditions, granny,village informed Ajay,. Karampodi is a restaurant with difference. We servea Gold on your platter


Some of thesignature main course traditional dishes include Bommadiyalu Pulusu, RagiSankranti with Natukodi Puusu and Bhaagmathi masala pappu.  The Pappusinclude Mudda, Palakoor, Gongura, Tomato pappu, Dal Tadka and Dal Fry.


Also offers Veggravies like Banaladumpa with palak, Kaju Kura, Egg gravies like Guddu Pulusu,Guddu Masala; Chicken gravies like Miryala Kodi Kura, Pandu Mirchi Kodi Kura;Mutton gravies like Yata Mamsam; Golconda Muttila Kura, Kheema Masala; Sea FoodGravies include Koramatta Pulusu/Iguru etc. 


 Traditionalrotis like Jonna Rotte, Rice like Thella Annam, Neyya Annam, Rasam Annam;Pulaos like Kushka Pulao; Kunda Biryani like Natu Kodi Kunda, Royyala Kunda;Non Veg Biryani like Ulavacharu Kodi Biryani etc. 


Rare traditionaldishes like Junnu, Kobbari Neelu, Bobbatlu Vedi Paalu etc are also available.There are many signature starters as well.   


Talking aboutexperimental Non Veg Breakfast items, which are not very common, Ajay saidwe at Karampodi, promise to make your morning special, morning that will remindof your roots, your traditions, reminding you “Amma’s kitchens and tastes willmake you bite into your memories.  Some of the non-veg breakfasts lined upinclude: Idly, Thatte Idly or wada or Appam with Natu Kodi Pulusu or ChepalaPulusu; Poori or Dosa with Yata Mamsum Kura or Kodi Kura, Kheema Masala, andthe other veg dishes include  Ulavachaaru Idly, Venna Idly KakinadaPesarattu and many more.


In our journey torevive old traditions, it have developed well over 400 grandma recipes,standardized some and trimmed to 199 finally to offer to its discerningpatrons. 


 Karampodi,probably must have been taken birth in era where availability of vegetables allthrough the year was not possible.  Also it must have been developed notjust to add taste, but nutrients to the humble rice says Ajay.


Karampodi, probablymust have been taken birth in era where availability of vegetables all throughthe year was not possible.  Also it must have been developed not just toadd taste, but nutrients to the humble rice said Raju, another partner of therestaurant. Taking that as a unique point we named the restaurant Karampodi andit has been well received, he said.


The restaurant islocated at Karampodi, 214, Opposite Film Nagar Club, Anand Film Square, Road82, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Tel: 040 23553456 and 65993456


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