Telangana SSC results on

Hyderabad, April 26th 2018: The Telangana Government has officially agreed to announce the State Board (SSC) exam results on The portal is an exclusive platform helping Class 10 and Class 12 students from across the country access their examination results with ease.

The website has beenlaunched with an aim to serve the education sector of the country and shall bebringing out several other services over the next few months. hastied up with State Boards of Education in 24 states. 

Over the next 2 months,the platform shall be hosting the Class and Class 12 examination results of allthese Boards of Education.

 In 2012 ICANN opened a range of top leveldomains (TLDs) for thousands of new names. Among them, .shiksha resonated withthe Indian ethos of learning, knowledge, teaching, students and theguru-shishya tradition. 

Nearly 24 State levelBoards have now agreed to officially announce their Board Results on thesite which is hostedby

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