Telangana State Budget disappoints Vysyas

Hyderabad, March 19, 2018. Demand for the creation of Vysya Corporation has been a long-standing demand from the 40 lakh plus Arya Vysya community residing in the state of Telangana for a quite long time.

Theyexpected budget allocation for the same which was presented by State FinanceMinister Etela Rajender couple of days back. 

“We aredisappointed. There is no allocation for the same”, commented Vysyas-1,Telangana Vysya Corporation Sadhana Samithi in a press note issued in the statecapital today.  

We want aVysya Corporation with a seed capital of Rs 1000crore for the Vysyas on thelines of other castes.  Though 40 per cent taxes in this country arepaid by Vysyas, the community has many poor people. Who make their living bydoing small and errand jobs.  Vysya Corporate will help these poor people. 

Arya Vysyasconstituted 10 per cent of the State population, and the trader community hasbeen contributing thousands of crores by way of taxes. As they were consideredan upper caste, they lacked proper share in education and employment and politicalrepresentation.  The community’s main demand is to the establishmentof an Arya Vysya Development Corporation with a corpus fund of Rs 1,000 crore,low-interest loans, scholarships and loans for higher education to theeconomically poor Arya Vysyas. 

According tofew community elders, K Chandra Sekhar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana hasresponded favorably to the community’s representation demanding for the same.The community was eagerly waiting for the announcement. But, they are nowdisappointed a lot. On the contrary, Andhra Pradesh Government allocated Rs30crore.  Chandra Babu Naidu has responded favorably and said thatthey had been working out modalities. Similarly, we expect Telangana State todo the needful.  

Thoughtraditionally Vysyas are traders, due to globalization and e-commerce andonline business many traders have been facing difficult time for theirsurvival. If is for them such a corporation is needed. So that will get somesupport. 

Vysyas canbe deciding voting bank in many constituencies in Telangana.  Vysyaswant every political party to allocate 10 per cent of seats to Vysyas.  

It is PottiSriramulu, a Vysya who died fighting for a separate Telugu State.  Itis Mahatma Gandhi who fought against British and got India its Independence.  

A lot ofVysyas got affected due to e-commerce and new-age economy.   Somany believed that they would be displaced the traditional Baniya stronghold ofbusiness.  But, some Vysyas managed well and also dominated the neweconomy.  India's leading e-commerce companies like Ola, Myntra,Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ola, Naaptol, Yebhi were founded by Arya Vysyas.  

Vysyascontribution to the state and the nation on all fronts is thebest.  But, still many poor people live in this community. They needhelp. Hence, Vysyas—1, Telangana Vysya Corporation Sadhana Samithi once againappealed to the state government to respond positively and establish VysyaCorporation.  

TheVysyas—1, Telangana Vysya Corporation Sadhana Samithi would like to intensifytheir demand in coming days to put pressure on the state government to achievetheir goal.

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