Telit Certifies NB-IoT Modules with Global Mobile Interoperability Regulator, G C F

New Delhi, November 13, 2017 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that its single-mode, NE866B1-E1 and NL865B1-E1 modules for European and Chinese markets, received LTE Category NB1 (NB-IoT) GCF certification upon conclusion of extensive laboratory and field testing under multiple networks by two of Europe’s largest mobile operators. GCF certification is voluntary and means that IoT integrators and providers looking to deploy cellular-connected devices are assured modules will inter-operate across the vast landscape of mobile networks worldwide. The modules are also on final stages of Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and China Compulsory Commission (CCC) certifications, mandatory for deployment in European and Chinese markets respectively. For more information on the NE866B1-E1 and NL865B1-E1 visit:

“This certificationis a testament to Telit’s commitment to quality in a market increasinglycrowded with low-cost, high-risk modules.” said Yosi Fait, Interim CEO, Telit.“The NE866B1 and NL865B1 are the first modules in the market to undergo thefull breadth of testing and evaluations under the now-mature guidelines andspecifications for NB-IoT interoperability by GCF.  They were evaluated inlabs and field trials under different major networks in Germany, Spain and UK.NB-IoT is in such demand in Europe and China that the ecosystem has beenpushing through products and approvals somewhat ahead of full maturity just tomeet this demand.  We are pleased to be the first to deliver modules thatare full standard and interoperability compliant. Eliminating unnecessarytechnology risk for our customers is a major part of our mission, particularlyas commodity products continue to flow into developed markets like Europe andChina.”


The dual-band NE866B1-E1 and NL865B1-E1 modules, for use in Europe and China, areideal for new space constrained products and also to extend the life ofexisting xE866 and xL865-powered devices in market with the extended longevityof the LTE Cat NB1 standard. Typical application areas well suited for thecompact modules include smart buildings and cities, smart agriculture, wastecollection, healthcare and remote monitoring including smart meters in theutilities sector. When used as an upgrade for existing applications designed in2G, 3G, or LTE Cat 1, the target device can be NB-IoT revitalized with littleto no redesign impact. Telit has the broadest portfolio of certified IoT LTELPWA modules in the industry.  For more information about the Telitportfolio of Cellular Cat M1 and Cat NB1 modules, click  

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