Telit Unveils AppZone 4 In-module IoT Development Environment

New Delhi, December 13, 2017 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced immediate availability of version 4.0 of its IoT development environment, the IoT AppZone. The new version of IoT AppZone expands features for the well-established flagship AppZone C and adds new functionality including an emulator and support for Lua, a lightweight scripting language optimized for embedded systems that are constrained by limited processing power and resources. The new framework also enhances support for static libraries that simplify management of complex software projects and integration of existing code base.

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The IoTAppZone is a complete solution for developers to create, debug and run embeddedsoftware on the application processor of the Telit IoT module. It is comprisedof an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) rounded out by IoTtargeted tools, libraries, online documentation and sample code. AppZone C isthe family’s flagship application framework. It is lightweight, runs on RTOSand delivers optimized performance and fast response. The framework includes afull set of APIs programmable in C language, enabling access to the modem,hardware, peripherals, operating system and other services. As a cross-platformframework, AppZone C enables code portability across several products andtechnologies. 

“By addingthe emulator, Lua support on BLE modules and making key improvements to the IoTAppZone, we have not only given developers more flexibility and power to createcode fast, but have also expanded the reach of AppZone to a much largercommunity, including app developers for devices based on low-power modules whocan now also enjoy the benefits of consolidating hardware and simplifyingdevelopment by installing and running applications right in the module,” saidYossi Moscovitz, President Products & Solutions, Telit. “Low-power devicesare major contributors the super-massive growth forecast for the IoT in thecoming years. Applied together with Telit IoT modules, connectivity andplatform services, IoT AppZone 4.0 delivers highly scalable solutions meetingcost and performance targets for complex business cases like sensor nets, thinmonitors and ultra-light trackers. It supports application embedding for anumber of 2G, 3G and LTE modules in our flagship xE910 family and ourminiature, multi-technology form factor family, the xE866. With the addition ofthe Lua scripting language, developers can create code to run in our BlueMod 42family of BLE modules.” 

What’s newin IoT AppZone 4.0:

•Luascripting language support

•Full-functionemulator to run and test applications on the developer’s PC

•Enhancedmanagement of static libraries

•UIenhancements to improve usability and streamline workflow

•Expandedset of sample apps  

The IoTAppZone is fully integrated with Telit services. It provides extensive,easy-to-use resources for apps to collect edge information, send data securelyto the cloud, publish or interface with enterprise systems, over-the-air updateand manage firmware, applications, configuration files and security. 

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