Tetrasoft Hyderabad Marriott Intl Open Fide Rating Chess Tournament kicked off

Hyderabad, September 19, 2018….The Second Edition of The Five Day Tetrasoft Hyderabad Marriott International Open Fide Rating Chess Tournament 2018 kicked off here in the city today at Hyderabad Marriott.

The objective of the Tetrasoft Hyderabad Marriott Intl Open Fide Rating Chess tournament, according to Tetrasoft and Telangana Chess Association officials,  is to improve and promote the game.

Four  Grnadmasters and 6 Internationals Masters participated in the tournament. These include Grandmaster Ghosh Diptayan from West Bengal is the top seed followed by Grandmater Sriram Jha from LIC, Delhi, Grandmaster Deepan Chakkravarthy J and Grandmaster Laxman R.R from ICF.

International Masters include Rathnakaran K from Southern Railways, Ravi Teja S from Railways, Sameer Kathmale from Maharastra, Saravan Krishnan V from KVB bank, Rahul Sarma from Railways and Bala Subramanian from ICF followed by FIDE Masters Audi Ameya from Goa, M Vinothkumar from Tamil Nadu, MattaVinikya Kumar from Andha Bank, J Ramakrishnan from Andhra Bank, Venkata Krishnan Karthik K from Andhra Pradesh. Candidate Master Kushagra Mohan from Telangana, Women FIDE Master Bommini Mounika Akshaya from Andhra Pradesh.

This event witnessed a record of 274 players with 223 International Rated players from 15 States across India and special units from Southern Railways, ICF Andhra Bank and KVB.

India’s oldest player Mr. T.V. Subramanian born in 1934 is also competing with rating off 1384. Ms. Samhitha from Telangana is the youngest player of the event born in 2014.

Chess is a great sport and in the last decade or so, it’s popularity in India has risen so much so that there are many chess players in competitive chess. 

Chess in India is growing at a great pace. We currently have nearly 50 Grandmasters and around 80 International Masters. The world chess considers India a force to reckon with.

Tetrasoft India powers the tournament, the Provider of Information Technology and Consulting Services in collaboration with Hyderabad Marriott and The Telangana State Chess Association.

The five day battle of minds is organized by the ACT, Indian Chess School, and South Mumbai Chess Academy.

The Tournament is conducted the second time in a row.  This is the first time that the tournament is organized at five star hotel. 

The tournament has drawn massive participation from several Chess Federations under FIDE, an international organization that connects various national chess federations across the world.   The tournament will be held in nine rounds.  Two rounds will be held on a daily basis and final round on Sunday. 

On the whole, 102 prizes to be won in the tournament.  The total prize money is Rupees Five Lakh. The Tournament will conclude on 23rd September at 2 pm with Prize Distribution.

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