The Circuit – Always in the forefront of unearthing hidden talent

Hyderabad, February 14, 2018: “The circuit”, a 2-day Talent Hunt Program of Dancing and Singing was organized under the aegis of Mumbai-based socio-cultural organization on 13th and 14th February at 7.00 PM at Apollo Foundation Theatre at Film Nagar, Hyderabad.

Nearly150 people took part in this event. Coincidentally, “Ghoomer Dance” performancewas rendered by Pragya Jain who hails from the land of ghoomer. Pragya hasvaried interests in photography, music, and soft skills training.  Inthe past, she delivered similar dancing performances at Oxfam national levelevents that explorethe world of art and culture. It is an effort to promote every form of art andculture that interests you. Folk to pop or street to classics or films totheatre all would be celebrated at the circuit. to reveal and enhance theunderlying identity. 

Headed byMs Sujatha Sen Reddy, TheCircuit cordially invites every dance lover to come and watch the Talent HuntProgram of Dancing and Ghoomer Dance performance by Pragya Jain.   

amotivational talk been a part of the program by speaker & an entrepreneurMr. Rahul Jain, he has delivered a wide range of ‘Life Skills’ programs incolleges, Business schools, corporates and various institutions across thecountry over the last decade. He has an undying spirit and passion forinspiring people. 

About The Circuit: The Circuit is a socialplatform that encourages the hidden creativity of art and culture. It works onpromoting all forms of art and culture that endear music and dance lovers. TheCircuit runs classes for the selected people, grooms them, and introduces themto the film industry. 

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