The CUSTOM STREET from beyerdynamic brings individual sound and style to the streets of India

‘Do your thing!’ could be the slogan for the new street-style headphones from beyerdynamic. ‘Do it your way and in your own style’. The CUSTOM STREET headphones, which will retail for INR 11,250.00 are perfect for customising your audio experience. Interactive sound sliders allow the bass volume to be controlled in three stages. Changeable cover designs and rings on the earcups give the on-ear headphones a totally new look in just a few simple steps. Here, acoustic expertise and design go truly hand in hand.

Buildingon success

The CUSTOMSTREET represents a continuation of the successful CUSTOM series from the audiospecialist from Heilbronn. Just as was the case with the world's firstinteractive headphones – the CUSTOM ONE PRO – a great deal of importance isattributed to individuality. The wearers can decide how much bass they hearusing the CUSTOM sound sliders. Located on the earcups, they gradually adjustthe acoustic tuning of the headphones – from an analytical sound to fat beats,making the CUSTOM STREET perfect for chilling and mixing your own SoundCloudtracks as well as for private parties with the latest hip hop, dance or electrotunes. 

Flexibleand robust design

 TheCUSTOM STREET headphones – available in black or white – are designedspecifically for mobile use. Despite their robust design, they convenientlyfold away into a compact size for easy transportation. The earcups turn by 90degrees, so that the headphones can also be worn comfortably around your neck.They are supplied with an EVA case, made from the same hard-wearing nylon usedfor laptop bags, to protect the headphones on the go.

Thedetachable headset cable is also compatible with most Android smartphones andtablets, as well as Apple devices. It is coated with Kevlar, a synthetic fibrethat is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis.

A specialfeature of the cable is that its jack plug can be connected to either the rightor left earcup, leaving the other 3.5 mm jack socket free for a second pair ofheadphones – ideal for listening to music or watching films with friends. Thedetachable cable also offers protection: if trodden on, only the plug willremoved, with no pulling force applied to the connections in the headphones.

Extensiverange of accessories

Those whowant to personalise their CUSTOM STREET headphones beyond the extensive rangeof standard equipment can purchase the HEADSET GEAR and transform theirheadphones into a gaming headset in a matter of seconds. A professionalmicrophone is attached to the flexible gooseneck. This is not only suitable formaking calls or Skyping, but also records speech and vocals equally well,ensuring crystal-clear recording quality when chatting or podcasting. Theoptional coiled cable offers even greater flexibility for home recording orDJing. Finally, the headphones come complete with 16 alternative cover designsto suit your every mood. For those wanting even more, an extensive selection ofadditional covers, rings and cables is available on the beyerdynamic website. 

In otherwords, the CUSTOM STREET headphones can be tailored perfectly to your ownpersonal tastes. 

CUSTOMSTREET headphones will be available for purchase from specialist retailers anddirectly from the manufacturer at from September mid 2017.

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