The Famous Artist showcases his work for Child Rights and You

Famous Indian painter and 3D Artist, BaadalNanjundaswamy, showcased his artwork for Child Rights and You (CRY) at Forum Mall, Koramangala. The idea was to celebrate International Day of Happiness and associate as to how CRY strives to create happy, healthy,creative childhoods for all children.

Through his artwork, Baadal along with CRY wanted tobring to attention the importance of happiness of children. The artwork is away of subtly bringing to people’s attention issues faced by children. Hedepicted two children doing everyday activities such as playing, painting, etc.With this he wanted people to contemplate about the less fortunate children forwhom these simple activities are a farfetched dream 

Child Rights and You (CRY) has been working as anenabler of change and an advocate for the rights of children for nearly 4decades. CRY wants to enable people to take responsibility for the situation ofthe deprived children and to make people discover their potential for actionand change.

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