The first ever 2 week Summer School in Operations and Supply Chain Management Research

Hyderabad, April 13, 2018. Society of Operations Management (SOM) and Institute of Management Technology, Hyderabad to jointly organise the first ever 2 Week Summer School Program with a focus on research methods and advances in Operations & Supply Chain Management.

SOM is professionalsociety in India for Operations Research and IMT is the premier business schoolin the country. Many eminent scholars and professors of IITs, IIMs areexecutive committee members of the SOM. 

Disclosingthis in a press note issued in the city today, organisers said thereare a very few research oriented programs offered in India that are specific tothe needs of Operations and Supply Chain Management research community.Identifying this crying need, Society of Operations Management (SOM) and Instituteof Management Technology, Hyderabad organising the 12 day workshop which willstart from 14th May and will go upto 25th May,2018.   

Eminent andaccomplished Resource persons in Operations Management have agreed to handlethe sessions including: Ashutosh Sarkar, Professor, IIM Kozhikode; AsmitaChitnis, SIIB; B K Mohanty, IIM Lucknow; G Srinivasan, Professor, IIT Madras;Kalyana C Chejarla, Assistant Professor, IMT, Hyderabad; L Ganapathy,Professor, NITIE, Mumba; M K Tiwari, Professor, IIT Kharagpur; Mrinalini Shah,Professor, IMT, Ghaziabad; Omkar Palsule Desai, Professor, IIM, Indore;Omkarprasad Vaidya, IIM Lucknow; R K Amit, Associate Professor, IIT Madras;Rahul Marathe, Associate Professor, IIT Madras; Shantanu S Bagchi, AssistantProfessor, IMT, Hyderabad; Sourabh Bhattacharya, Professor, IMT, Hyderabad;Sushil Kumar, IIM, Lucknow; Usha Mohan, Associate Professor, IIT Madras; VinayKumar Kalakbandi, Assistant Professor, IMT Hyderabad; Yogesh Agarwal,Professor, IIM Lucknow and Sri Vanamala V, IIT Kanpur

The candidatesfrom the area of Research scholars from Operations Management andallied areas, Faculty members of Operations Management and allied areas andIndustry Practitioners who are into operations or planning to undertakeresearch in Operations Management are eligible to apply this program. 

Details ofthe program and the Factsheet can be found in the IMT Hyderabad site . 

Operationsand Supply Chain has a very direct impact on most manufacturing, e-commerce andother retail industry today as one can mitigate the risk of getting theproducts stolen, decomposition, tampering risks and meeting up with theestimated delivery time, promised to the end user. Taking cognizance of thesefactors, the program has been designed where eeminent faculty instructors fromIIMs and IITs will expose the participants to the fundamental researchmethodologies and their applications in areas like behavioural operations,project management, multi-criteria decision making and stochastic modelling.

“This is anattempt to fill the vacuum of any such program in the country. Supply chainmanagement used to be a subset of operations management but now it is anintegral part of operations and has become the backbone for many industry orservices. With the advent of ecommerce and online market places in the retailsector, the smart consumer today is not just looking for a good product at a competitiveprice point. The delivery time is also a critical deciding factor for him whichthe supplier need to respect. With this comes the ‘anticipatory shipping’practiced at the Amazon and similar predictive analytics tools, used by Walmartor Flipkart as they need to know in real time where the products are, theroute of the transportation is not deviated, item is not damaged, delay indelivery doesn’t happen resulting in a return of the ordered-item by thecustomer”, says Prof. (Dr.) Sourabh Bhattacharya, Faculty,Operations Management at IMT Hyderabad.  

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