Bangalore The Indian Luxury Expo, a one- of- its kind event showcasing leading luxury brands across various lifestyle segments, will be held for the very first time in Bangalore. The two day expo will be hosted at the Ritz Carlton on 8th and 9th April 2017.

Having already captivated the markets in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Delhi & Chennai since 2012, the Indian Luxury Expo showcases the most exquisite brands representing the global luxury goods market in Luxury Cars & Bikes, Perfume & Cosmetics, Jewellery & Watches, Clothing, Accessories, Hotels, Wines & Spirits, Food, Private jets, Furniture, Travel, Yachts and Cruises.  Over the years the expo has evolved as the single largest firm for luxury exhibitions and private showcases brings uber-luxury brands under one roof and promising to be a glamorous extravaganza for the rich and the wealthy. 

It’s an exclusive platform for luxury brands and their target audience to connect directly with one another. The expo consists of a highly esteemed advisory board and personally invited guests, which make it a perfect opportunity for networking. 

 “The IT industry has transformed Bangalore over the years, making it one of the largest hub for high net-worth individuals. The Indian Luxury Expo is truly a platform to share the affluence of a nation. We bring together uber-luxury brands under one roof.  TILE, is designed to evolve with the changing economy, marketing needs and accessibility of our patrons whilst keeping luxury marketing as the focal point” says Karan Bhangay, founder of the Indian Luxury Expo. 

The first edition in Bangalore this year will see high end brands like Porsche, Bentley, BMW, Wilson Audio, Diani Jewels, EFIF, Suzuki Hayabusa, Ducati, Embassy Group, JLL, LG Oled Tv, Tempur, Satya Paul and many more.

The two-day plush affair promises to be an unforgettable experience with amazing brands and an intimate environment. 

About The Indian Luxury Expo

The spectacular world of the Indian Luxury Expo is your comprehensive gateway to the richness of India. The expo is exclusively designed to bring various luxuries to the affluent Indian audience on a single, elite platform. A wide assortment of luxury and affluent brands of global stature shall be exhibited ranging across various categories. The expo consists of a highly esteemed advisory board and personally invited guests, which make it a perfect opportunity for networking. To say the least, in a country where luxury brands are still struggling to optimally reach the target audience in such a huge population, TILE promises to make it easier, much easier.

Industry Partner – FICCI

Established in 1927, FICCI is the largest and oldest apex business organisation in India. Its history is closely interwoven with India's struggle for independence, its industrialization, and its emergence as one of the most rapidly growing global economies.

A non-government, not-for-profit organisation, FICCI is the voice of India's business and industry. From influencing policy to encouraging debate, engaging with policy makers and civil society, FICCI articulates the views and concerns of industry. It serves its members from the Indian private and public corporate sectors and multinational companies, drawing its strength from diverse regional chambers of commerce and industry across states, reaching out to over 2,50,000 companies.

FICCI provides a platform for networking and consensus building within and across sectors and is the first port of call for Indian industry, policy makers and the international business community

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