The Kapoor Clan: Films, family, feminism at India Today Conclave

12th March,2018:Mumbai ”You’re used to grilling all the politicians Rajdeep, we’re ready for you today,” said Kareena Kapoor Khan, kicking off her session on a fiery note true to form. Moderator Rajdeep Sardesai began by remembering an image of the Kapoor family, and asked about the much debated issue of nepotism in the Hindi film industry. “It’s about talent. We may be anybody’s children or grandchildren, but once you’re on the silver screen, you are anyone. Anyone can criticize you,” said Karisma. Kareena added, “There are a lot of star children, if nepotism existed, they would all be number one.” She also used the example of Ranveer Singh to illustrate her point, claiming he’s “numero uno” thanks to sher energy and talent, even though he doesn’t have a superstar father from the film industry.

On the subject of the leading ladies from the first families retiringimmediately after marriage, Kareena said, “It took two fiery Kapoor girls tobreak all the norms!” They both drew inspiration from the legacy of the family,regaling the audience with stories of how they would go visit theirgrandparents in Chembur every Sunday and drop in at RK Studios, only to bemesmirised by the sheer talent in the Kapoor khandaan. For Kareena, it allstarted with her obsession with Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi songs that she wouldperform in front of the mirror.

The two share a special bond – they’re protective of each other and nevercompeting. And they also agree largely on the subject of motherhood and theways in which it has impacted their lives. “Children are the most important inthe world. Motherhood has made us more mature, more selfless,” said Karisma.

The sisters also believe that women need to speak out more. “It is a maledominated industry, it has been for generations,” said Karisma. The youngerKapoor joked that if they start a movement similar to #MeToo for Bollywood,Sardesai would have to back them. Ending on a high, Karisma took the audiencedown memory lane as she danced to Main Toh Raste Se Jaa Raha Tha. A hit of the90s. Films in the 90s were made on instinct and passion,” she said. And wecouldn’t agree more.



-It took twofiery Kapoor girls to break all the norms.

-I like badboys and there’s nothing wrong with that. I met Saif at the right time in hislife – he was ready to be under my thumb.

-I told Saifmy son is going to be a fighter. Taimur means iron. He is my iron man.

- I see anatural spark in Alia, I like that.

- I’m the onlyone in the Pataudi family who isn’t a Rhodes scholar, but that’s ok Icontribute in other ways.


-Films in the90s were made on instinct and passion

-The massesmust love you, that’s most important.

-We weregrief stricken when we heard about Sridevi’s death. Stardom can be here todayand gone tomorrow.

- It is a maledominated industry, it has been for generations.

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