The most sought-after spiritual guru Mahatria to deliver a 45 minutes closed-door talk

FICCI Ladies Organisation embarked on the new initiative----“Women’s Happiness Kits”-- the Hygiene Kits, comprise of a packet of sanitary napkins, two undergarments, a bar of soap and four shampoo sachets, detergent and plans to distribute 3000 such kits worth rupees nine lakh to girls studying in the Government Schools and shelter homes

Hyderabad, June 7, 2018……What do you want to be, somebody oranybody? 

If you keep doing the same stuff, you will keep getting the same results.

These aresome of the pearls of wisdom transformed tens of thousands of people byMahatria, 52years old Spiritual Leader.  An ordinary softwareconsultant, TT Rangarajan as he is formally known, got transformed into aselfless Mahatria Ra.

He is knownfor his simplistic and yet powerful ways of communicating the highest wisdom tocommon man. He is my best choice of speaker to kick start of my term as newChairman of FICCI Ladies Organisation informed Priyanka Ganeriwal Arora.

He will bein the city on 9th June onthe invitation of Priyanka Ganeriwal Arora, Chairperson of FICCI LadiesOrganization (FLO) for 45 minutes closed door inspirational talk(no movementallowed in the hall during his talk)  to its members at The Park Hotel, Somajiguda at 2.30pm.  Hewill address them on "Life isall about Relationships."

There arethousands of definitions of success and failure. But, all culminate into one,the ability to manage people and the relationships.  After thoroughresearch, we landed on the topic for the beginning of the great year ahead,added Priyanka. We as the team at FLO, Priyanka said would like to leave anindelible mark on every member by bringing never heard before speakers whojustify this year’s theme "InfinitePossibilities.", she said.

Pinky Reddy,National FLO President, will also grace as Guest of Honour for first program ofthe year. 

In 1988, asa 23-year-old, Mahatria returned from Dubai to Chennai and set up his SoftwareConsultancy firm -- Greymatter. Though his software business was successful, oneincident of his friend committing suicide changed everything for him. Hewonders how our educational system is not equipped to handle emotions, becauseof which well-qualified friend committed suicide.  “If our education system doesn’t teach us howto live well, then there is something inherently wrong with it," hefelt.  He probed more into the subject, then left his softwarebusiness, started "AlmaMater," to teach life skills.

Over aperiod, he realized that for every problem the solution lies in the spiritualevolution of human-being. He organized annual spiritual retreats called Top Gear. This had created asignificant transformation on people. After transforming tens of thousands ofpeople, top-notch people in business, global leaders, musicians, sportspersons,and students he realizing the excellent hunger for human endeavor on material,emotional and spiritual realm. He decided to expand his reach worldwide andchanged the complete operating model by dividing the path called Infinitheism.  

It is neithera religion nor a cult.  The vision of Infinitheism is simple---toinspire breakthroughs.

Mahatria isa great storyteller.  His powerful one-liner messages are very sopowerful that they cause transformation in so many lives.  Some ofthe most popular and inspiring messages of Mahātria are: What is, is; What is not, isnot;  There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way; The powerof a man is in the power of his mind; An hour a day of investment in health,23  hours of freedom to enjoy life;  There are threeessential relationships - relationship with self, relationship with others andrelationship with Thy; Energy + Intelligent Efforts + Faith in the Energy =Miraculous possibilities and many more like these. 

Givingdetails about new initiative, Conversations about personal hygiene andmenstruation are still taboo in our country. So, new Chairperson of FLOPrinyaka Ganeriwal Arora came up with such a novel idea of Hygiene Kits.

FLO is also embarked on the new initiative-Women’s Happiness Kits for thefree distribution of Hygiene kits to girls studying in governmentschools.  Just sanitary kits can boost up the quality of girlseducation in government schools, says Prinyaka Ganeriwal. Sanitation isdignity. It is the birthright of every girl.  We know Menstruationuntil now was personal and private matter.  Moreover, there was nochoice to seek solutions from outside world. Now we have factories developingkits. We have low cast sanitary kits made available at least cost possible. Thepicture like Padman talks opens the subject.  Now we have a choice.Having a choice is one of the highest forms of empowerment.

We aim to distribute 3000 to 5000 Kits each costing Rs 300/-, costingrupees 9 lakh in next one year.  It is a simple kit. It consists of apacket of sanitary napkins, two undergarments, a bar of soap and four shampoosachets, detergent etc and more.

These all are small, everyday objects that are often taken forgranted.  But, for a girl at puberty, they arecrucial.  Each kit costs just Rs 300/-, will be an invaluable gift.

These Hygiene kits will be showcased at the meeting for the informationof everyone. 

More than200 members are expected listen to Mahatria.

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