The Retina Centre organises a webinar on Ocular & Facial

The super-speciality eye-care hospital, The Retina Centre, organises a CME webinar on Ocular & Facial Cosmesis and completes two years of eye-care services in Guwahati

Guwahati, 2 February 2021: The Retina Centre (TRC) in Guwahati organised a webinar on Ocular & Facial Cosmesis. This Continuous Medical Education (CME) event was presided by 'Padma Shri' awardee Dr. A K Grover, the Chairman of Ganga Ram Hospital, along with the eminent medical practitioners from across the world. Dr. S.U Ahmed, the Founder & Director of The Retina Centre, presented the vote of thanks. 


Other prominent dignitaries present in the webinar were Dr. Tanuj Nakra, faculty of the University of Texas and Dell Medical School, USA; Dr. Mahboob Ul Kadir, the Executive Member of Bangladesh Academy of Ophthalmology (BAO); Dr. YuniaIrawati, the President of Oculoplasty Association of Indonesia and the Achievement Awardee from American Academy of Ophthalmology. The Panel discussed several conditions necessary for ocular and facial cosmesis, science and artistic aspects of these treatments, and cosmetology’s future from the Asian Perspective.

Ocular and Facial cosmesis treatments reconstruct and enhance ophthalmic and facial expressions using various non-invasive and invasive procedures. Human eyes and facial gestures express more emotions than people can realise consciously. However, ageing, illness, physical conditions sometimes restrict these crucial power of expressions causing social unease. The ocular and facial cosmesis is the gift of modern medical science to overcome such obstacles. 

The leading edge eye-care super-speciality hospital, The Retina Centre, Guwahati, offers ocular reconstruction and enhancement treatments and procedures along with all the major speciality eye-care services.  

"All our specialists of different subspecialties at The Retina Centre are well trained in India and abroad. They have a long career in these sub-specialities who have served in different hospitals and health organisations. We have extended our services to the people of Assam and North Eastern region in the last 2 years." - Dr. S. U. Ahmed, The Retina Centre.  

Dr. Ahmed founded The Retina Centre two years back with the motto of “providing quality eye care services of international standards at an affordable cost" to people residing, even, in the hard-to-reach corners of North-East India. This region has long-suffered the lack of infrastructure for quality and affordable eye-care. Today, the Hospital boasts a range of sub-specialities like Retina Vitreous, Cataract, Glaucoma, Oculoplastics & Orbit, Cornea, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Pediatric Ophthalmology. It serves the population of the entire North Eastern Region along with parts of West Bengal and Bihar. The doctors, medical and non-medical staff and the management at TRC is continuously working hard toward the Hospital’s guiding principles. 

The Retina Centre is a pioneering initiative in the field of tertiary eye-care based in Guwahati, Assam. The cutting-edge medical infrastructure and a fleet of trained staff have earned the Hospital its reputation as a trusted eye-care facility. The team of senior doctors in TRC have completed over lakhs of successful eye procedures. Together they bring in a wide range of world-class expertise and experience in their respective fields. 

The eminent eye-care specialists at The Retina Centre:

Dr. S.U Ahmed, M.B.B.S, M.S. (Ophthalmology), Fellowship in Retina Vitreous

Dr. Jayanta Kumar Das, MBBS, MS, DO, DNB

Dr. Prafulla Sarma, MBBS, MS

Dr. S.K Buragohain, MBBS, MS, DNB

Dr. JnanankarMedhi, MBBS, MS

Dr. Gitumoni Sharma, MBBS, MS, DNB

Dr. Erani Borah, MBBS, MS, DNB

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