The world comes to Bangalore for Organics and Millets (O&M2018)

Bangalore: 10 January, 2018: The world leaders are coming to Bangalore to see and experience our culture that we have reintroduced to ourselves. Organic and Millet is being slowly embraced and accepted by people within India. But why to keep this versatile #SmartFood only to ourselves, lets share the goodness with the world.

Event: International Organic And Millet Trade Fare

Venue: Bangalore Palace Ground

Date: January 19th to 21st 

Time: 11.00 am inaugural 

This Januaryon the 19 to 21, everything you will want to and need to know aboutOrganic&Millet will be answered on an international platform created by theDepartment of Agriculture at the Bangalore Palace ground.

Everybodycan benefit from it; a farmer who wanted to better his yield,an industrialist who wants to know about the agri marketpotential or aneducationalist who want share and gain knowledgeabout the agri industry or you are a housewife looking forways to feed your kids yummy millet recipes by celebrity chef the that wouldkeep them fit and healthy or anybody who is looking forsomething engaging as well as entertaining to do on the weekend come toO&M2018 and have a fun filled 3 days.

TheInternational Organic & Millet Trade Fair 2018 will umbrella multiculturaland multilingual audience and participants. Countries like USA, Germany,Switzerland, UAE, South Korea, 

Uganda,China and Malaysia are a few who will be a part of the Trade fair. So visitorsneed not go to these countries to enjoy their delectable food as the countiesare bringing their stores to your hometown.

O&M2018will include 3 different halls that would home diverse events pertaining to 3distinct categories which would be taking place simultaneously. One for theacademicians, one for the B2B and F2B interactive sessions and then the lasthall will have various fun events like cooking competitions, poster makingcompetitions, drawing competition for children, etc

Some of the highlights

225 Exhibitors and 350 Stalls willinclude organic companies, exporters, organic retailers, farmer groups, organicinputs companies, Govt. agencies, etc.

JaivikConference discussionswill be on Start- ups and Entrepreneurship – Dept of IT/BT, Govt of Karnataka,Emerging trend in Public Private Partnership – Integrated AgricultureDevelopment, Global Markets – For Organics and Millets, etc

SiridhanyaConference discussionswill be on Industries’ R & D Requirements both Pre-production andPost-production issues, Current Technologies in Place and Gaps, Food processingas a vehicle for demand creation many and many more.

ConsumerConnect Program whichwill be an array of engaging sessions to educate the public about various waysto cook Millets - the forgotten smart food and healthcare consultation bydietitians and nutritional experts for general public, which will be held onthe second day.

CookingDemonstration usingMillets & Organic products by Celebrity chefs

Farmers’Workshop whichwill help farmers understand the organic market trends, demands, organiccertification process, export potentials, etc. and in turn the organicagribusiness.

OrganicFood Court thatwill challenge your imagination and satisfy your palette with all organicdishes from around the world will be open on all 3 days of the event.

AwardFunction thatwould be conducted on the second day for the first time in India celebrate theachievements of all Organic stakeholders; farmers, startups, FMCG companies andeven Governments in India who have played a part in making India more organic.Cultural programs that would keep you enthralled and enchantedthroughout these 3 days. 

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