Launched to Keep India’s Gifting Industry Relevant & Ahead of the Time

The objective is to build an online platform that can cater to the varied gifting needs of individuals and organizations, enabling them to forging new ties as well as consolidating their relationships with loved ones.

Pune,India, June 13, 2018 -- Ravindra Pratap Singh and Vishnu Aerat, twoyoung entrepreneurs and creative minds, started in January2018, with an objective to modernize the Indian gifting industry,where each individual and organizations will find gifts of their choice intheir budget. This is the first and one-of-its kind online shoppingresource dedicated to offer the perfect gift for any occasion and any purposeto each and every individual.

Using thepower of the Internet, now makes it easier than everbefore for everyone to find gifts that are tailored to their hobbies, interestsand personalities. The website has emerged as one of the Internet's mostcomprehensive online platform to offer interactive and personalized servicesfor customers to shop for the most striking or unique gift items atunbelievable prices. The intuitive platform also helps customers to rememberall gifting occasions and plan for gifts to consolidate their relationshipswith people who matter in their lives.

According toRavindra, they have served more than 2000 customers in last 6 months andby year end they are targeting to serve more than 12000 customers. Withmajor gifting occasions, such as Diwali and Christmas are yet to come, theco-founder of is upbeat about a brisk business during theupcoming gifting seasons. Ravindra understands that the gifting industry hasbeen evolving in a big way in the country, and they are using the technologyand an exceptional collection of gift items to cater to the gifting needs ofthe diverse group of customers, from individuals to organizations and bigenterprises. The platform aims to create an atmosphere were gifts exchangedadds value to the lives of the sender and the receiver.

While Vishnuopines that they attempt at filling the gap in the gifting industry byproviding customers with a year-round gifting option for varied occasions andpurposes, including birthdays, events, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, MarriageAnniversary, and so on. With an astounding selection of beautiful gifts, the websiteoffers golden opportunities for people to showcase their caring nature andexpress love and respect for others.

Besides, theonline gifting platform also offers exciting discounts and offers from time totime. To grab a discount or to purchase from an outstanding range of giftitems, one can visit the website

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