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Bengaluru: The Harmony Chorus directed by Sandra Oberoi are the only contestants from Bengaluru to make it to India’s Top 10 at the national level reality singing competition - Rising Star 2 on Colors TV. They have taken the country by storm with their uniqueness, versatility and creative arrangements! Besides praise from all corners of the country, this children’s choir has also garnered praise from the experts on the show Shankar Mahadevan, Diljith Dosanjh and Monali Thakkur.


In previousepisodes, Shankar Mahadevan has labelled The Harmony Chorus“an asset to the show and this season’s best discovery”.  He has appreciated the unique choralarrangements by their choir director Sandra Oberoi and has often been surprisedby the complexities in the harmonies; pleased with the way the children executeit with ease and perfection! He predicted that they will be one of the bestchoirs in India and mentioned that their performances are at an internationallevel!


The Harmony Chorus comprises of 16 girls and 3boys, children between the ages of 10-15 years who have been learning WesternClassical music for several years at Harmony - The Music School. 


Despite receivingmostly Western Music education they have taken on this challenge to singBollywood music and showcase their talents with originality in which they havesucceeded so far with flying colours.


ChoirDirector, Ms. Oberoi said, I constantly encourage all mystudents to be versatile and inquisitive in their musical choices and theirsinging. Taking part in this competition has given both the children and me achance to deeply appreciate yet another genre of music and present it to thecountry with creativity and originality. We have found new ways to expressourselves through this music while choosing to represent truth, goodness andbeauty.” 


She adds, “Choir singing has brought out the best inthese children. It is quite difficult to flawlessly execute what we do. Wedon’t just sing in three parts but up to eight different parts. The childrenhave learned to tune with each other, match timbres and blend in as a groupwhile holding on to their individual parts. They have understood the importanceof phrasing as a group, using expressions and even synchronising theirbreathing. I encourage teamwork and really pay attention to detail so we can beexcellent in every performance.”


How you can support:

Download the VOOT app to vote for The HarmonyChorus. Watch their performance live on Colors TV every weekend. The next roundis scheduled on 24th  March">#00000A">March at 9 PMwhich is a Rekha special.


If you like theperformance, believe in what they do and would like to see this lovely choirfrom Bengaluru move up in this competition please support them with yourvaluable votes and spread the word. 

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