Think Differently to be above the crowd, experts advise

Hyderabad, December, 2, 2019: The national conference on Life Transformation by the authors and speakers witnessed an attendance of a large crowd from cross sections on Sunday. The event was organized by Prakruti Meditation in association with Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.

Speakers during the event deliberated upon thinking differently in order to create a great life and that is not an ordinary one.

PSS Movement founder Shri Pitamaha Patriji and Fight Masters Ram Laxman graced the occasion as chief guest.

Almost seven books of the next gen authors were released during the event. These books cover the topics of self development, positive mindset and other positive aspects of life. Authors collectively advised the participants to nurture the positive and rightful thinking so that they can lead a positive life.

The speakers stressed that only thoughts were the reasons for the life we lead. They said that training our minds and subconscious would bring good results in life.

Prakruthi Uma Mahesh, who organized the event, has been in the business of education and religious teachings. He has organized several training programs and trained lakhs of people. He has created hundreds of youtube videos using his self help quotations.

He advised the participants to think differently in their life to lead a different and great life.

Dr Hari Kumar, Motivational speaker and Soul Scientist, on this occasion addressed the gathering and unraveled various secrets of life. His thoughtful speech enthralled the participants and motivated them.

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