“Think of health when you are in health, not when you are sick”: Dr. A. Rajender Reddy

Hyderabad, November 03, 2017……A Three Day AyushExpo, an exhibition cum workshops on Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturophathy, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy began in the city today at Hitex . The three day exhibition will go on from today till 5th November. Dr. A. Rajender Reddy, Commissioner In charge, Department of Ayush, Govt of Telangana, Dr. Gurumurthy, Dr. Mir Yousuf Ali, both Additional Directors of the same Department formally inaugurated the expo as well as addressed the Workshops. Dr. A. Rajender Reddy addressed a session on “Relevance of Ayush Systems in Daily Life”; Dr. Gurumuthy on “Ayurvedic Solutions for Anorectic Diseases” and Dr. Mir Yusuf Ali on “Fundamentals of Unani Systems”.

Organic Baby Food Suppliers,  Farmers' ownedOrganic Food Start-Up/s, Organic Vegetables produced without Pesticide,herbicides, insecticides or fumigation; elder care services, Ayurvedic TherapyGivers, Aloe Vera products sellers, Herbal products suppliers and many othersare showcasing  their products and services at the Ayush Expo. Organisedby BigMarketeer, comprised of few passionate individuals, the exhibition has anexclusive organic and natural pavilion, informed Madhavi, MD ofBigMarketeer.  The sole aim of the three day exhibition cum workshopsis to promote Indian Traditional Medicines and other indigenous medicinesystems towards Swastha Bharath.


Nirupa, Director and Madhavi, MD of Big Marketeer saidit was tough organising an exhibition like this.  Though, it wastough and challenging we will still continue it each year, because of thegreater good of the cause, informed Madhavi. Addressing the gathering Dr.A. Rajender Reddy told people to thinkof health when you are in health, not when you are sick. That istoo late.  Decrease usage of Antibiotics and painkillers.  And take a holistic approach while taking a treatment. Todayunfortunately allopathic treatment is compartmentalised. It is highlyspecialised organ wise, and no one gives holistic treatment, he said.


Ayurveda is Science of life. It gives a holisticapproach to the treatment he said.  Ayush stands for Ayurved, Yoga& Naturopahty, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy.  Ayush system ofmedicine is know its less side effects. There is a more need of AYUSH now thanbefore because of the increasing number of Life Style Diseases. Many diseasesare not going to be cured by the Antibiotics(Viral Diseases Ex: Flu, Cold,Throat Pain, Abdominal Flu, Bronchitis etc), he informed


The excessive use of Anitibiotics and Pain Killers isvery dangerous.  Since 1929 when Prof Alexandar Fleming discoveredAntibiotic i.e Pencillin, within in this 90 years different types ofantibitotics were prepared.  Now we are using 6th generationof Antibiotics. Approximately 7 lakh people are dying due to resistancebacterial infections.  By 2050 around 1 crore people may die as perProf. Dame Sally Davis informed Dr. Reddy.  The modern medicine maybe in danger of extinction due to bgacterial resistance infections said Reddyquoting Prof. Dame Sally Davis. Minimize the use of antibiotics and painkillers. Seek alternative measures, he said. 


Cancer is one such a lifestyledisease.  Aarogyasri treated 46, 109 cancer patients in 2014-2015 and65, 451 in 2016-17. It is an increase of 42% in 3years.  Thestate government through Aarogyasri spent Rs 301.37crore treating thesepatients.  43.53% of Breast Cancer is commonly seen in between theage group 26-45years, he informed.  The expo is featuring alternativemedicine centres, herbal medicine companies, fitness, wellness centres andspas, diet clinics, yoga centres, panchakarma centres, hospitals, organic andnatural foods and farm producers, pharmaceutical & phytopharmaceuticalcompanies, educational institutions and others.


More than 60 exhibitors areshowcasing  their products and facilities.   Some ofthe exhibitors include Ashwin Panchagava Clinic, Yoga Vidhya Panic Healingcentre, Travanore Ayurveda, Kottakal Ayurveda, Sri Sri Ayurveda Clinic , ManthenaSatyanarayana Raju Charitable Trust, Dr Chandrika Kerala Ayurveda, Dr AhmedAyurveda, Arogya Vardhini Ayurvedic hospital,   Arogya VardhiniAyurvedic Hosptial, AYHU - Swarna Bindu Prashanam, Ayurgen Herbals; Ayush VedaInnovations Pvt Ltd; Daasam Ayurvedic Pharmacy; Dr Ahmed Ayurveda; Dr ChandrikaKerala Ayurveda; Dr Mahesh Homeopathy (RIMS); Genotex International india pvtLtd; General Marketing; Green Leaves; Greon Natural Pvt Ltd; Helthy Foods PvtLtd; Helios Bio Nutritions Pvt Ltd; Holistic Health Care; Kerala Ayurveda; KottakalAyurveda and many more.


Entry to expo is free. The expo is open from 10amto 8pm.  Sessions/workshops on Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation,Naturopathy & Organic will be also be organised as a part of theexhibition.   Experts on the subject will address thesessions.  It will also showcase various organic and natural farmproduce from across the country. 


Along with the Expo, a very useful and knowledgesharing sessions/workshops are also planned. Some of these workshops/sessionsinclude  "Happiness Program" by Art of Living Foundation;"Yoga & Meditation for Holistic Health" by Venkatesh fromSpiritual Society; "Prevention & Management of Lifestyle Disorderswith Unani medicine" by Dr. Fazal Ahmed  and AssociateDoctors;   "Health & Happy Living – Ayurdeva, Yoga& Naturopathy" by Mantena Satyanaryana Raju from Manthena Arogyalayam;"Sustainable farming leveraging organic and conventional methods" byDr. Keshavulu,  Director Telangana State Seed Certification Agencyand "Business Finance exclusive for SMEs & Exhibitors covering PM’sMudra Schemes" etc., by SBI


About five thousand visitors are expected to visit theexhibition during the three days of the expo. 

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