This Raksha Bandhan #Deliverthelove with

Bengaluru, 03 Aug 2017: Raksha Bandhan is a festival that tugs heartstrings and bring up memories of all the time spent playing, sharing, fighting and plotting long adventures with your beloved sibling. Distance, Time and Age cannot change this deep connect. While most of the conversation around Raksha Bandhan has always been about the ‘gift’, continues with its messaging of #DeliverTheLove to inspire brothers and sisters to meet and celebrate this day together.

With themodern lifestyle of constant hustle-bustle and family members scattered aroundthe world, more often than not, sisters courier the Rakhi while the brothersmail the gifts. While Amazon India is a preferred destination for most siblingsto send each other the Rakhi as well as the Gift,'s new campaignaims to remind people of the importance of the human connect. 

Conceptualisedby Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore and directed by Afshaan Sheikh of GoodMorning Films, the film tells the story of a young man who just cannot fathomwhy his grandmother doesn’t mind getting the same gift for Rakhi, every year.Watch her heart-tugging response here. Ravi Arun Desai, Director, Mass and Brand Marketing, Amazon India said, “Ourcurrent lifestyle keeps us on our toes 24x7, and sometimes also ends up eatinginto the time we ought to be spending with probably the most important aspectin our lives – our loved ones! With the new’s Raksha BandhanCampaign, we want to encourage everyone to slow down, take a step back andexperience the magical moments of the festival with their cherished siblings torenew as well as create new memories. Our brand always attempts to tell a storythat the customers feel connected with, in a manner that is simple andrelatable. The campaign #DeliverTheLove is about connecting with our customersin the context of Raksha Bandhan and in some way touching their heart amidstthis fast paced life we all lead today.” 

MaheshGharat, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Bangalore says, “The ask was notto sell, but to evoke emotion. Coming from Amazon - India’s largest e-commerceplayer, this was a bold statement and an inspiring brief. This triggered theinsight that more than the gift, any sister actually wants her brother toactually come and meet her. It’s one of those things that are beyondmaterialistic gifts, and this is what the campaign reminds you of” 

Led by adigital film, the campaign also includes print andradio. #DeliverTheLove celebrates the bonding between siblings, connects withboth the present generation and their parents, while breaking the clutter with auniquely Indian vibe.

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